2015 OFC CHAMPIONSHIPS: #CFC100 Lyons powers Stampeders to varsity crown, #CFCOPC Boersma steers Jr. Gryphons to first ever title


The Burlington Stampeders entrants in the Ontario Football Conference Summer football finals came away successful at the O.F.C. Championship Day played at the University of Guelph on August 8th.

The Bantam Stamps overwhelmed the Huronia Stallions 57-18 to earn their fourth consecutive O.F.C. crown.  The Varsity Stamps returned to the winner’s circle for the first time since 2010 after their 25-7 win over the Toronto Jr. Argonauts.  The Junior Varsity Guelph Jr. Gryphons scored their first ever O.F.C. title stifling the Peterborough Wolverines 21-5.

Burlington Stampeders 2015 OFC Champions 2


#CFC100 Tailback Jordan Lyons once again led the Stampeders with two one yard touchdown plunges and an impressive 11 carries for 160 yards on the ground.  Jack Miller scored the other major from a yard out as well.  Adam Preocanin started the game off with an 85 yard kick off rouge, a chip shot 12 yard field goal and was 3 for 3 on converts for the victors.  Argos only score came when Esson Hamilton found Shareef Johnson for a 64 yard pass and run.  Quinn Johnson added the point after.  Hamilton kept the Stampeder defence on their toes amassing 302 yards in the air, but, two interceptions in the red zone by Josh Hubbell and Connor McQuilkin ended any threats in the 4th quarter.  Stamps previously won COMFL/OFC Varsity crowns from 2002-2005, 2008 and 2010.

2015 Summer Ontario Football Conference

Varsity Championship Game Summary – August 8th at University of Guelph  

Toronto Jr. Argonauts             7          vs.        Burlington Stampeders           25

Stamps first Varsity title since 2010.  Also won from 2002 – 2005 and 2008


Qtr.        Team     Time                      Play                              Convert                         Running


1st        Burl     0:00     Adam Preocanin, 85 yard kickoff rouge        n/a                               Burl 1-0

1st        Burl     13:10   Jordan Lyons, 1 yard run                                Adam Preocanin         Burl 8-0

1st        Tor       13:45   Shareef Johnson from Esson Hamilton, 64 yds.  Quinn Johnson                    Burl 8-7

3rd        Burl     3:21     Jack Miller, 1 yard run                                    Adam Preocanin         Burl 15-7

3rd        Burl     7:03     Adam Preocanin, 12 yard field goal               n/a                               Burl 18-7

4th        Burl     3:34     Jordan Lyons, 1 yard run                                Adam Preoncanin       Burl 25-7



Toronto                                              Burlington


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  18-41                                                   34-306

Passing Yards                         302                                                      89

– Team Losses                         -38                                                       -23

Net Offence                            305                                                      372

First Downs                            17                                                        16

Return Yards                          237                                                      146

Fumbles-Lost                          2-2                                                       3-1

Interceptions by                      1                                                          3

Penalties-Yards                       12-128                                                 9-105




                                                        ARGONAUTS                           STAMPEDERS


Rushing (atts.-yds.)                  Treyion Charles 8-24                           Jordan Lyons 11-160, 2 tds

Isaiah Hibbert 3-11                             Domenic Mandilfino 15-95


Receiving (cat.-yds.)                Shareef Johnson 4-110, td                  Matt Orr 2-31

Austin Rosbrook 2-62                         Nick Casola 2-28


Passing                                    Esson Hamilton 16-32-1-3                  Mason Brown 9-20-0-1

(comp.-atts.-tds-int)                Treyion Charles 0-1-0-0




Offence                                   Jordan Lyons – Burlington (see above)

Defence                                  Evan Shergold – Toronto (4 tackles, sack and interception)

Special Teams                        Curtis Smith – Burlington (116 return yards)

Guelph Jr Gryphons 2015 OFC JV Champs 1


The Jr. Gryphons defence proved to be too much for the Peterborough offence as they held the Wolverines to 129 net yards on offence and this included inflicting 8 tackles for losses on the Wolverines runners.  #CFCOPC Riley Boersma was the star on offence for the Griffs as he and pivot Dakota Brown hooked up on pass and run scores of 81 and 41 yards to lead the Guelph offence.  Boersma finished the day with 4 catches for 166 yards.  Tanner Nelmes scored the other Guelph major on an 8 yard run.  Michael Bobak converted all three touchdowns.  Wolverines points came from a 21 yard Keegan Crough field goal and a conceded safety touch.

2015 Summer Ontario Football Conference

Junior Varsity Championship Game Summary – August 8th at University of Guelph  

Peterborough Wolverines                    5          vs.        Guelph Jr. Gryphons                           21

Gryphons first ever OFC Summer Championship

Qtr.        Team     Time                      Play                                  Convert                         Running


1st        Gue     8:10     Riley Boersma from Dakota Brown, 81 yds.   Michael Bobak            Gue 7-0

2nd        Pete     3:06     Keegan Crough, 21yard field goal                 n/a                               Gue 7-3

3rd        Gue     4:21     Riley Boersma from Dakota Brown, 41 yds.   Michael Bobak            Gue 14-3

3rd        Gue     10:46   Tanner Nelmes, 8 yard run                              Michael Bobak            Gue 21-3

4th        Pete     2:43     Safety touch, conceded                                  n/a                               Gue 21-



Peterborough                                     Guelph


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  32-78                                                   30-186

Passing Yards                         55                                                        225

– Team Losses                         -4                                                         -30

Net Offence                            129                                                      381

First Downs                            9                                                          17

Return Yards                          86                                                        65

Fumbles-Lost                          0-0                                                       4-2

Interceptions by                      2                                                          2

Penalties-Yards                       10-85                                                   17-195


WOLVERINES                                JR. GRYPHONS


Rushing (atts.-yds.)                  Cameron Gilmore 14-60                     Jackson Taylor 17-129

Keegan Crough 10-20                         Tanner Nelmes 10-55, td


Receiving (cat.-yds.)                Nick Clarkin 3-50                               Riley Boersma 4-166, 2 tds

Ryan McNamara 1-3                           Jason Lefkas 3-23


Passing                                    Chase Batley 5-16-0-4                        Dakota Brown 10-19-2-2






Offence                                   Riley Boersma – Guelph (see above)

Defence                                  Connor Murney – Peterborough (4 tackles and 2 sacks)


Burlington’s Jacob Adair returned the opening kickoff 83 yards for the touchdown and the Stamps were on their way to their fourth consecutive Bantam title.  Niklas Sadanoja once again led the Stamps offence with touchdown runs of 10, 40 and 71 yards while amassing 194 yards on the ground from 19 carries.  Kenny Sproat hooked up with Keegan Hall from 16 yards out and Zach Ihasz rushed from 6 yards away and returned an interception 90 yards for the score.  Sebastien Mela was 7 for 8 on converts and the defence forced a concede safety touch.  Stallions pivot Nicholas De Jesus hooked up with William McCulloch for scores of 76 and 10 yards plus hooked up with Brandyn Talbot from 53 yards away.

2015 Summer Ontario Football Conference

Bantam Championship Game Summary – August 8th at University of Guelph  

Huronia Stallions                    18        vs.        Burlington Stampeders                       57

Stampeders 4th consecutive Bantam championship


Qtr.        Team     Time                      Play                                                                       Convert                         Running


1st        Burl     :15       Jacob Adair, 83 yard kick off return              Sebastien Mela            Burl 7-0

1st        Burl     13:28   Niklas Sadonoja, 10 yard run                         Sebastien Mela            Burl 14-0

1st        Hur      13:57   William McCulloch from Nicholas DeJesus, 76 yds.  2 pt. no good               Burl 14-6

2nd        Burl     1:22     Zach Ihasz, 6 yard run                                                Sebastien Mela            Burl 21-6

2nd        Burl     6:29     Niklas Sadonoja, 40 yard run                         Sebastien Mela            Burl 28-6

2nd        Hur      6:48     Brandyn Talbot from Nicholas DeJesus, 53 yds.       2 pt. no good               Burl 28-12

2nd        Burl     13:50   Safety touch, conceded                                  n/a                               Burl 30-12

3rd        Burl     9:09     Kenny Sproat from Keegan Hall, 16 yds.      Sebastien Mela            Burl 37-12

4th        Burl     2:38     Keegan Hall, 2 yard run                                  Sebastien Mela            Burl 44-12

4th        Burl     4:45     Zack Ihasz, 90 yard interception return          Sebastien Mela            Burl 51-12

4th        Burl     11:00   Niklas Sadonoja, 71 yard run                         blocked                       Burl 57-12

4th        Hur      14:50   William McCulloch from Nicholas DeJesus, 10 yds.  2 pt. no good                Burl 57-18



Huronia                                              Burlington


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  15-89                                                   40-327

Passing Yards                         270                                                      229

– Team Losses                         -21                                                       -12

Net Offence                            338                                                      544

First Downs                            14                                                        25

Return Yards                          69                                                        92

Fumbles-Lost                          4-3                                                       1-0

Interceptions by                      0                                                          1

Penalties-Yards                       3-15                                                     5-15



STALLIONS                                     STAMPEDERS


Rushing (atts.-yds.)                  Bradlee Kitchkake 7-40                      Niklas Sadanoja 19-194, 3 tds

Nicholas De Jesus 4-30                       Josh Munoz 15-100


Receiving (cat.-yds.)                Brandyn Talbot 7-134, td                   Kenny Sproat 4-83, td

William McCulloch 3-110, 2 tds         Erich Foerster 2-31


Passing                                    Nicholas De Jesus 17-33-3-1              Keegan Hall 11-18-1-0

(comp.-atts.-tds-int)                                                                            Daniel Eldridge 2-3-0-0




Offence                                   Keegan Hall – Burlington (see above)

Defence                                  Zach Ihasz – Burlington ( 4 tackles, batted ball, intercept TD return)



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