2018 CFC All-Canadians, 1st and 2nd team OFFENCE [ROSTER]

For the third year in a row, canadafootballchat.com (CFC) are releasing All-Canadian teams; CFC All-Canadians, 1st and 2nd teams.

The CFC 1st and 2nd All-Canadians will be comprised from schools that are geographically located in Canada. These players are nominated and chosen from their 2018 season stats and updated highlight films. The final part of the evaluation comes from the nominations themselves and the evaluations of the CFC scouting bureau.

These teams are not prospect lists. They are teams made up of players from all different conferences and divisions in 12 and 11-man football who had outstanding 2018 regular season performances.

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CFC All-Canadians, 1st team


QB CFC100 Quincy Vaughn ON Clarkson (FN)
QB CFC100 Eli Hetlinger AB Harry Ainlay
QB CFC100 Kurtis Rourke ON Holy Trinity
RB CFC100 Brendon Barrow ON Clarkson (FN)
RB CFC100 Mike Herzog ON Holy Names (Windsor)
RB CFC100 Oliver Longpre NB Tantramar
REC CFC100 Adley Mayala AB Bishop O’Byrne
REC CFC100 Clark Barnes ON Clarkson (FN)
REC CFC100 Sebastian Hansen BC Mt. Douglas
REC CFC100 Kenzy Le Paul QC Collège Charles-Lemoyne
REC CFC100 Steven Koniuck MB Sisler
O-LINE CFC100 Liam Dick ON Clarkson (FN)
O-LINE CFC100 Matthew Hewa-Baddege BC Terry Fox
O-LINE CFC100 Ethan Vibert SK Miller
O-LINE CFC100 Tyrell Lawrence ON Clarkson (FN)
O-LINE CFC100 Dylan Whetter ON Clarkson (FN)
TE/REC CFC100 Theo Johnson ON Holy Names
FB/HB CFC100 Isaac Birdsell-Tyndale SK Miller

CFC All-Canadians, 2nd team


QB Jackson Tachinski MB Vincent Massey (WPG)
QB CFC100 Xavier Vaillancourt AB Cochrane
QB Dario Ciccone BC St. Thomas More (Burnaby)
RB CFC100 Jérémy Lavallée QC College Jean-Eudes
RB CFC100 Ryker Frank SK Leboldus
RB Basil Schincariol BC Vancouver College
REC Josh Metzner ON Holy Trinity
REC CFC100 Keelan White BC Handsworth
REC CFC100 Nolan Ulm BC Kelowna
REC Mikel-Ange Dejardins QC Nicolas-Gatineau
REC Maxime Lapierre QC Collège Jean-Eudes
O-LINE CFC100 Erik Andersen ON A.B Lucas
O-LINE CFC100 Kai Serviss ON Herman
O-LINE CFC100 Albert Reese AB Harry Ainlay
O-LINE CFC100 Alassane Diouf QC É. Sec. du Triolet
O-LINE Julien Cazajous-Poulot QC College Jean-Eudes
FB/HB Connor Louis BC Vancouver College
TE/REC CFC100 Logan Buchwitz BC G.W Graham


CFC All-Canadian Eligibility

 To be eligible for a CFC All-Canadian position one must fulfill the following criteria:

a) You competed on a high school that is geographically located in Canada. 

b) You are on track to qualify as a ‘National’ in the Canadian Football League draft (CFL)

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