CFC is excited to announce that the CFC Youth Game will be taking place at College Bourget in Rigaud, QC on April 27th.

The CFC Youth Game will showcase top talent from across Canada who are born in 2009-2011. Participants will be divided into teams and play a series of 40 minute mini-games throughout the night for the opportunity to best showcase their skills.

The best players from the CFC Youth Game will be scouted for the chance to play in future editions of the CFC Prospect Game on TSN.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday night (April 30th) for the release of the 2024 CFC Prospect Game on TSN rosters during the CFL Draft.

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You can catch all the action from Quebec starting at 5:00pm ET on our YouTube channel CanadaFootballChat LIVE!

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/@canadafootballchatlive2796



5:00 PM Wolfpack (Red) vs. Falcons (White)
5:45 PM Dream Chasers (Blue) vs. Avengers (Black)
6:15 PM Dream Chasers (Blue) vs. Falcons (White)
7:00 PM Avengers (Black) vs. Wolfpack (Red)
7:45 PM Dream Chasers (Blue) vs. Wolfpack (Red)
8:35 PM Avengers (Black) vs. Falcons (White)



Wolfpack (RED)

# POS Name
1 RB/DE Jayden McLaren-Desir
2 FS Tristan Neil
3 CB/WR Jayden Alexandre
4 CB/WR Mael Jayden Syam
5 S Loik Quesnel
6 DE/TE Aaron Saint-Louis
7 DE/TE Bogdan Cudja
8 QB Ryder Higgs
9 LB Lucas Belzile
10 QB Maxime Trahan
20 LB Maxym Suganiako
21 SS Jeremy St-Vil
22 FS Lucas Thiffault
23 WR Elijah Kozubek
24 WR/SS Cedrick Ketant
25 CB Jackson Stote
27 WR/RB Hervé N’Dola
28 WR Nick Doré
50 OL Arham Jalal
51 OL Breyner Alexander Cortes Patino
55 DT/OL Petro Mitsis
59 OT Antonio Stivaletta
60 C Ali Di Fruscia
92 DE Alexy Labbé

Falcons (WHITE)

# POS Name
1 QB Aryan Kumar
2 SLOT Felix Vladmir Lalande
3 WR James Meryse Dorzin (Juju)
4 WR Antonio Zapata
5 LB Alex Lufty
6 QB Keenan Lahens
9 LB Etienne Desaulniers
20 WR/HB Esteban Lemay-Guzman
21 CB Keayen Aime
23 CB Spilbury Guevara
24 DB/WR Jacob Latour
25 DB Jayden Fleck
26 RB/FB Noah Lapierre
28 WR Vance Verillo
29 DE Jayden Blemur
50 DT/OL Bradley Jules Sanon
51 OL Adamo Montagna
55 OT Noah Sheehy
59 C James Beausejour
60 OT Gibril Gakara
92 DT Nickson Belgrave Miller

Avengers (BLACK)

# POS Name
1 QB Izzy Ullah
2 WR/QB/CB Amani Ho Sang
3 WR/CB Jason Dorel Onana
4 QB Tnias Lazarre
5 CB Shayne Tyler Bernavil
6 S Corenthin Blayac
7 FS Rocco Della Leone
8 LB/DL Ethan Paul N’Silu
9 WR Alexis Gagnon
10 DE Ryann Mayamona Cinq Mars
20 LB Liam Asatoorian
21 RB/LB Marlon Clermont
22 FB/LB John Michael Valiante
23 SS Reegan Applebee
25 RB/FS Jamal Hechme-Oray
29 DT Jonah Mamye
50 OL Antonio Arceo
51 OT Elliott Lequin
55 OL/DT Tiyem Salehi
59 OL Benjamin Lafontant
60 OL Alexis Marchand
89 TE/DL Madden Laberge
92 DL/OL Leon Berkmez

Dream Chasers (BLUE)


# POS Name
0 LB Neziah Barton
1 QB Christian D’Astice
2 ATH Teavaun Palmer
3 WR Donovan Wade
5 OL Landon Manchulenko
6 DB Julian Vella
7 QB Andrew Coulson
8 WR Teodor Nadeau
9 DB Rog-John Hewitt-Osborne-Thomas
10 WR Brycen Penney
11 DB Kai Carter
12 DB Ryan Kim
20 DB Olivier McLaughiln
21 DB Cohen Frizzell
22 LB Linkin Stevens
23 LB Masan Coffin
24 DB Tristan Bucknor
26 LB Ben Libera
28 TE Ewan Smith
51 OL Matoes Jackson
52 DE Kobe Kidd
55 OL Jaxon Fraser
61 OL Jackson Plum
66 OL Hayden Earnest
81 WR Chase Crewe
89 WR Brendan McCausland
90 DL Tristan Plante
91 LB Elliot McNeil-McInnis
92 DL Jackson Slade
93 DL Mason Ferguson
94 DL Victor Woodruff


2023 CFC Youth Game Recap

The CFC Youth Team faced off against CFC Youth Quebec in a great display of young talent from across Canada born between 2008-2010.

Both teams lived up to the moment with highlight reel plays all over the field in a hotly contested battle. CFC Youth Team QB Lukas Lalji finished a near perfect day with three touchdown passes to WR Mateo Brusco, WR Calem Smith and WR Lucas Mihelic, while RB Jasper Baron looked unstoppable at times adding two more touchdowns along the ground. The final CFC Youth Team touchdown came in the dying moments when DB Jacob Dore baited the quarterback into a bad decision that turned into a pick-six to help secure the 36-24 victory.

CFC Youth Quebec was led by an outstanding performance by RB David Gabriel Georges, who sliced and diced his way to the end zone on three separate occasions to help keep his team alive. QB Olivier Latendresse also had a fantastic day under centre, including a touchdown toss to WR Eli Robert on their opening drive of the day.

Most Valuable Players

CFC Youth Team Offensive MVP – RB Jasper Baron
CFC Youth Team Defensive MVP – LB Ethan St. Pierre
CFC Youth Team Lineman MVP – OL Carson Medcalf

CFC Youth Quebec Offensive MVP – RB David Gabriel Georges
CFC Youth Quebec Defensive MVP – DE Samuel Tremblay
CFC Youth Quebec Lineman MVP – OL Andrew Toussaint

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