ATH Iwuc can make big plays in space

Two years may not seem like a lot of time to be able to know that you love something. For athlete Roman Iwuc, it’s just enough time to know that he wants to go far with football.

Currently a member of the CFC50 ranked Harry Ainlay Titans from Edmonton, Alberta, Iwuc states that he has a goal to win a Tier 1 provincial championship before he graduates.

Roman plays at multiple positions, more specifically defensive back. He mentions that he likes this position because you can always make plays with or without the ball. “I think what gives me an edge my God given talents, and my ability to make big plays in space, whether it be coverage, tackling, or even returning.”  He reflects on some of the more memorable experiences that he has had to date.

Too many to choose from. Without a doubt the Summer Games in Leduc, just being with so many other great athletes and players made it special. Our preseason trip to Raymond and our wins over LCI, AOB, and Bellerose at homecoming.” he says all stick out to him.

To Roman, football is more than just a game and credits his Mom and coaches who have influenced him heavily in his football career. He says, “Without a doubt my Mom, who has been there for me since day one, and my coaches and former coaches, especially Mario Miles Sr, Tyler Greenslade and Freddy Ostroser, who have taught me almost everything I know about football.”

In addition to the support group that Iwuc has, he also looks to other players to inspire him to get to that next level. Jabrill Peppers from Michigan is just that player. “One player who I look up to is Jabrill Peppers from Michigan. Just the way he approaches each play and game with a great mentality, and of course his ability to play every position.” states Roman. 

While Roman is still a few years away from graduation, it hasn’t stopped him from planning for the future. He wants to keep his doors open as long as possible with school and football. Being accepted into the Engineering program is what he is aiming for. There are a few schools that Iwuc is considering for this.

The U of A, because it is close to home, and I like what Coach Morris is doing rebuilding the program, as well as their academics. Manitoba, where a lot of my family is, and it’s also where I grew up most of my life. Calgary, because it’s also close to home, plus the fact that they are contending for a championship each year.”

The jump to the U Sport level can be somewhat daunting if you aren’t prepared to put in the work to make the transition as seamless as possible. Roman believes that the amount of improvement and growth that he has already experienced, and will continue to experience, will help to make this as smooth as possible. He also mentions that his coaches and teammates will keep him motivated. In the off-season, Roman plans to follow a training regime and run track in order to close the gap.

The goals that Iwuc has for himself should only propel him further with the sport that he only recently fell in love with. With the network that he has set up, and with the continued support he already has, this young athlete should have nothing but success in the years to come, both on and off the field.

Roman Iwuc
6’2, 170lbs

Teams: Millwoods Grizzlies, Alberta Summer Games (Zone 6), Harry Ainlay Titans
Official Visits: n/a
Considerations: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2019



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