ATH Lewis has a name not easily forgotten

No matter the position Jahnai Lewis is situated in, he will pool all his resources into the task at hand and make sure he succeeds.

The versatile athlete didn’t begin his athletic career on the gridiron. Instead, he played soccer at the request of his father. “But, one day, I went to see my brother’s football game, he played for Bishop’s, and I instantly fell in love with the sport,” Lewis said.

His father saw no problem in the switch to the hard-hitting sport. “My dad is a big part of my football life,” Lewis said. “I have to thank him for all of this. I can trust that he will always be watching and I’ll always get a call after a game or a practice if he wasn’t there.”

When he is on the field, Lewis lets his mind clear. “Football, for me, is something I can do that I’m really good at and when I’m on that field, all I think about is winning. Football helps me forget about my problems.”

Standing at 5’6, 178lbs, Lewis has found himself on several sides of the ball. He has had experience as a quarterback, middle linebacker, running back and free safety. With each new responsibility, Lewis has found something that he loves about the position.

Courtesy of Jahani Lewis.

While with the LaSalle Warriors (QMFL), Lewis suited up as a quarterback. He said what he liked about the position was “being able to control the game at my speed, or just controlling everything.”

He added that, “I believe that I’m (one of) the smartest on the field at all times. That’s why my coaches put me at quarterback.”

Seeing the field from the shotgun has its own advantages. As a safety himself, Lewis said that playing quarterback helps him understand the safety sent to contain him, which helps him hone his own craft when he plays free safety.

“What I love about free safety is that I’m able to make a lot of players and be a ball hawk,” Lewis added. “I’m not going to lie, I’m not the fastest guy on the field, but what gives me an edge on other players (is that) I believe I have a good nose for the ball and my playmaker ability is very high.”

With his sights set on attending a NCAA Division 1 school and a pro career in either the CFL or NFL, Lewis keeps two players in mind while playing his game. First is Earl Thomas, a free safety for the Seattle Seahawks, who Lewis said, “is really good at making plays.” His other inspiration is Ed Reed, a former free safety for the Baltimore Ravens, who “has a great nose for the ball.”

After graduating high school this year, Lewis is looking forward to playing cégep ball with Vanier College. He said he wants to see how it differs from city-league football and “to see how good I really am.” The five-time team and one-time league MVP has attended camps for the Vanier Cheetahs (RSEQ Division 1) and the Champlain Cougars (RSEQ Division 1).

“I need to work on my speed, but this season should be really good. I feel like I’m at home when I’m at Vanier College with all my teammates soon-to-be brothers,” Lewis said.

Lewis will be heading to Vanier as a 2017 Football Canada Cup gold medalist. He said that beating Team Saskatchewan 10-7 in the finals was one of his most memorable football experiences. “It was amazing,” he said. “Also, just chilling with my friends from Team Québec.”

Before taking the next steps in his career, Lewis said he wants to give a big thank you to his parents, sisters and his brothers, especially his older brother, for keeping him motivated. “Also, my girlfriend because when I didn’t want to train, she will tell me to go train and she’ll come with me to help out,” he added.

He also would like to thank his coaches at LaSalle and Team Québec for teaching him new things. He added that, “I promise this won’t be the last time you hear my name!”

Jahnai Lewis (#29, 22, 2, 21)
Quarterback, linebacker, running back, safety
5’6, 178lbs

Teams: Cornwall Wildcats, LaSalle Warriors, QBFL All-Stars (Spaulding Cup), Team Québec
Official visits: none
Unofficial visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017 (high school)

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