Best Games 2021 to Fill the Void Between CFL Matches

Sports fans have no doubt felt some disappointment over the last year with fewer sports matches going on than usual. We’ll go over some ways you can fill that void as you wait for new games to take place. 

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The Best Sports Games in 2021

No doubt sports games are some of the best games to fill in a sports void. EA games, in particular, are known for some of the greatest football and other sports games they have produced.

Over the years, these games have gotten far more immersive and realistic. The graphics look much better, and the games are more visually pleasing. The gameplay and mechanics have also vastly improved as technology has gotten better.

Licensing agreements have allowed real-life teams and players to appear in these games. You’re no longer just controlling random faceless characters. Today it’s essentially the next best thing to watching a real game play out. What are the top games in 2021 that you can play? 

Canadian Football 2017 

Canadian Football was developed by Canuck Play Inc and released in 2017. This landmark game is a few years old now but still holds up well. It’s known as a simulation of Canadian Football. It uses the same rules and plays like an actual game of football would. The game is only available on Steam (PC) and Xbox. 

While the game does deliver a great, realistic experience, players have had some complaints; wonky controls are one of the biggest ones. Overall Canadian Football 2017 aimed to be a realistic simulator but didn’t end up as fun as it could have been. There are some other games, like Madden, which are much better looking and exciting as well. 

Madden 2018

Madden was developed and published by well-known game producer EA. Despite coming out in the same years as Canadian Football, the visuals were far more realistic and impressive. Madden, however, centres on the National Football League (based in the USA) rather than the CFL.

It’s been a popular series since its beginning. You could say even people that don’t play sports games have heard of Madden before. This was also the first in the series to introduce a story to the game. Despite there being newer games in the series, this remains a popular entry. 

With multiple modes, difficulty levels and other settings, it’s a great game for players of all ability levels. It can definitely be considered one of the best games for football. Madden is a great way to join your favourite sport and get in on the action yourself. The newest entry into the series is Madden 21, which was released last year. 

Mods and Other Downloads 

Many of these sports games end up being so popular that entire communities start to develop around them. Players will discuss the games, different teams, and all other aspects.

The most exciting part, though, might be the mods. Mods are player made add-ons for the games. Players themselves can create additional teams, modes, or other things to add to the games. 

These mods are then uploaded and shared with other players to download and play in their own copies of the game. It’s one way games can maintain their popularity for years after release. 

The game developers and real life football players are flattered by it all. At the end of the day, these players do it simply because they love the game so much.  


Waiting between games can sometimes be quite a nerve racking, especially for hardcore football fans. CFL provides great excitement that players crave. Luckily there are numerous football video games available to keep you satisfied. Over the years, these games have also gotten much more sophisticated and closer to the real thing. 

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