BREAKING: McGill head football coach resigns [STATEMENT]

CLICK HERE for the email that McGill provost Ollivier Dyens sent to all McGill students and staff on Friday

Below is a statement that McGill head coach Clint Uttley made upon his resignation from the program today



I have resigned as the Head Coach of the McGill Redmen Football team.

The University released a statement on Friday, September 26, 2014 regarding allegations

against an individual from our team.

“A member of the McGill Redmen football team was in Court on Thursday to face

criminal charges. This individual had previously pleaded guilty to an assault charge

arising from a 2010 incident in Quebec City. This individual should not have been

invited to join our team. That was not in accordance with the values of our


The above statement does not represent my personal morals or values with regards to

sport, recruiting, and life in general. I believe in rehabilitation. The student athlete

accepted his conviction and did his punishment, a fact that was not hidden from the

University. At the time of his arrival, the University tolerated and accepted his presence

and then proceeded to celebrate his accomplishments thereafter.

For McGill University to say now that this individual should not have been allowed on

our team in the first place because of his past, deeply troubles me and in good conscience

I cannot work for an organization that does not embrace equity and inclusiveness. Post-
secondary education should be accessible for all, not just the ones’ who have no known

incidences. How can someone aspire to rehabilitation when the leading institutions of

Quebec and Canada shun those who have made an error in judgment?

I believe that University is exactly the place to shape and mold young adults to reach

their full potential. If this were not the case, I would not be here before you today. If the

football coaches in my life had not provided me with an equal opportunity, I would not

have completed a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a Masters of Education in

Inclusive Education. I wanted to give back to those who mentored and influenced me in a

positive way through the use of sport as those who offered their support to me.

If providing young men with a second opportunity has effectively cost me my position as

head football coach at McGill, then I accept that consequence in order to maintain a

higher moral standard then what’s been dictated.

-Clinton J. Uttley



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