CFC National Playoff Countdowns & Predictions (MB): “We are really excited as a fifth year program to pursue a championship”

Today, CFC continues its exclusive coverage of “National Playoff Countdowns & Predictions”.  Some of these teams are currently ranked in the ‘CFC 50’ high school poll this season.

In this next installment, Steinbach Sabres Head Coach Jamie Peters gives his thoughts and outlook to the team’s Kas Vidruk‘AA’ Division Championship Game against St. Paul’s Crusaders ’AA’ in the Winnipeg High School Football League (WHSFL) on Friday.


The Steinbach Sabres knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Now one game away from being crowned Kas Vidruk ‘AA’ Champions, the only obstacle standing in their way is St. Paul’s Crusaders ‘AA’.

“This will be the toughest match up of the year,” commented Sabres Head Coach Jamie Peters.  “St. Paul’s ‘AA’ is an extremely well prepared and talented football team.”

“They limit their mistakes and they execute their systems at a high level. It is going to take a perfect game to defeat the undefeated Crusaders in the finals. My team and my staff look forward to the challenge!”

While the Championship Final will mark the first time these two squads have met this season (suffice a preseason exhibition), the Sabres have an idea of what to expect from the Crusaders.

“St. Paul’s is an extremely dominant football force,” assessed Peters.  “They have a culture within their building that lives and breathes football.”

“They have three teams that produce great football talent. They are always well coached and very intelligent football players. It is never easy when facing a St. Paul’s team because they do not make many mistakes. We did not play them in the regular season but we did match up in the preseason and the game ended in a 10-10 tie.”

Chadwick Falk

For the Sabres to succeed, the team will have to contain a few Crusaders standouts on both sides of the ball.

“We are going to focus on Lahai Amara and Shae Weekes in the backfield and contain their runs,” offered Peters.  “In the pass game, we want to make their quarterback throw under pressure and make sure it is difficult to get the ball to Bryce Stubbings.”

“Defensively, we want to be aware of where Weekes and Jake Richardson are on the field. Both of these players are ball hawks and are extremely dangerous with the ball in their hands off turnovers or special teams. We have to play smart to contain their athletes.”

There will be several Sabres expected to contribute to team’s game execution plan during the Championship Final.

“Look for senior Mac Ginter-Boyce to step up,” said Peters.  “He has been our leading rusher in 2012 and 2013 but has battled injuries all year.”

“He is finally healthy and is looking to write a different ending to his season. Also look for Patrick Maendel and Jack Lenchsyhyn to make plays. Quarterback Braden Saindon has improved each and every week and is capable of stepping up and making big plays in the pass game.  Mo Kemoh and Brydon Watts need to play the way they have all year and fly around on defense.”

Ultimately, the Sabres will utilize their key strengths as an advantage in this battle.

“Our team’s strengths are the defense,” evaluated Peters.  “Our defensive schemes change week to week depending on what the other team’s strengths are.”

“This adaptability and flexibility make it difficult for other teams to prepare for us because we run a 5-2, 3-4, 4-3 or 4-4. In addition we have some great athletes with size and speed that allow us to change up our fronts and keep opposing teams guessing. Offensively, our strengths are the offensive line. We have good size and are athletic. If we can establish and control the line of scrimmage it opens up the play action pass and makes our offense multidimensional.”

While this is the last game of the season, Peters said the actual game execution won’t change much for the Sabres.

“Our plan of attack is similar to every other game,” described the Sabres Head Coach. “Defensively, we want to take away what they do well and make them do something they are less comfortable with.”

“Offensively, we want to take what the defense gives us and take advantage of that. For example, if they look to take away our run game we will need to be aggressive and pass to keep them honest. If they respect our pass game, then we will need to take advantage in numbers in the run game.”

Overall, Peters and the Sabres are thrilled to have the opportunity to contest for the Kas Vidruk Championship. To reach this pinnacle in such a short time is a testament to the steady development the team has experienced since joining the WHSFL.

“We are really excited as a fifth year program to pursue a championship at the Vidruk Division,” expressed Peters.  “In the 2010 and 2011 the Sabres competed in Vidruk only to go 0-13 in two seasons.”

“They lost many close games but were unable to get that first victory. In 2013 they moved down the Currie and went 10-1 and won the Currie Division Championship. They moved back into the Virduk in 2014 and finished with a 5-2 record before losing in the quarter finals. As the program founder and head coach, it has been amazing to see the growth of the program and the culture shift within the SRSS regarding football.”

PREDICTION: St. Paul’s Crusaders ‘AA’ 14, Steinbach Sabres 10

Steinbach Sabres


2014 RECORD: 7-2

ROAD TO THE FINAL: defeated Miles Mac Buckeyes 50-3  in quarterfinals, Garden City Gophers 45-22 in Semi-Finals

HEAD COACH: Jamie Peters (sixth season in role)

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Mack Ginter-Boyce (running back), Rhys Mowat (receiver), Chad Falk (offensive line), Torston Froese (offensive line), Tyler Chornopyski  (defensive back), Brydon Watts (linebacker), Julian Clibbery (defensive line), Graham Cruise (defensive back), Mo Kemoh (linebacker), Dustin Erickson (defensive line), Leo Sawatzky (receiver), Will Cruise (running back), Jack Lenchyshyn (running back), Braeden Saindon (quarterback), Austin Buhler (quarterback)


Player Name
# Last First Position
1 58 Barnowski Alex OL
2 57 Baron Martin OL
3 7 Bartel Samuel WR
4 67 Bergen Austin OL
5 31 Britton Taron DB
6 12 Buhler Austin QB
7 80 Buhler Tyson WR
8 33 Chornopyski Tyler DB
9 99 Clibbery Julian DL
10 22 Cruise Will RB
11 44 Cruise Graham DB
12 6 Desarmenien Joseph DB
13 1 Dimarcout Efren DB
14 43 Doerksen Riley LB
15 24 Dueck Mack DB
16 51 Erickson Dustin DL
17 56 Falk Chad OL
18 2 Friesen Dylan DB
19 62 Froese Torsten OL
20 20 Ginter Boyce Mac RB
21 81 Kehler Colton WR
22 52 Kemoh Mohammed LB
23 4 Knelsen CJ QB
24 32 Lenchyshyn Jack RB
25 21 Lohr Garrison DB
26 23 Maendel Patrick RB
27 54 Mensies Dakota OL
28 88 Mowat Rhys WR
29 85 Mutate Daniel WR
30 25 Neufeld Tyler QB
31 63 Penner Justin DB
32 18 Pierre Darryl WR
33 42 Polkownikow Maik OL
34 68 Priestley Caleb DL
35 64 Riley Curtis OL
36 90 Riley Jared DL
37 66 Roer Pierce DL
38 17 Saindon Brandon QB
39 84 Sawatzky Leo WR
40 50 Scheurer Chris LB
41 95 Stanze Max DL
42 97 Thiessen Lucas RB
43 92 Trudeau Ryan DL
44 60 Unger Riley OL
45 65 Wareham Nic OL
46 55 Watts Brydon LB
47 28 Wiebe Tyler DB
48 11 Will TJ LB
Head Coach: Jamie Peters
Defensive Coordinator: Trevor Goulet
Offensive Coordinator Jamie Peters
Special Teams Coordinator: Don Cooper
Running Backs: Trevor Maughan
Offensive Line: Trevor Wiebe
Offensive Line: John Friesen
Receivers: Kerry Friesen
Receivers: Taylor Buhler
Linebackers: Dan Erickson
Secondary: Derek Plett
Defensive Line: Brian Kobylak
Athletic Therapist: Ashley Falk
Player Development: Luis Ries
Videographer: Declan Mowat
General Manager: Joelle Friesen

St Paul's


2014 RECORD: 9-0

ROAD TO THE FINAL: defeated Churchill 10-7 in Semi-Finals, defeated Kildonan East Reivers 42-14 in Quarterfinal

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Lahai Amara (running back), Shae Weekes (defensive back), Jake Richardson (defense), Bryce Stubbings (receiver), Riley Naujoks (quarterback)

Lead Photo Credit:  Sawyer Klassen – Steinbach




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