CFC100 DT Goods transfers home to Manitoba for his mental health

CFC100 DT Lamar Goods was living the dream in Florida. After leaving Fort McMurray to play high school football at St. Thomas More School in Connecticut, he was one of the top five prospects on the CFC100 Class of 2020 and eventually signed with the Florida Gators to continue his career at one of the most iconic football teams in the NCAA. “The history and the stage they’re on can be amazing for any athlete,” he states. “It showed me many things in life and I’m grateful for that.”

When Goods makes the transfer to Manitoba, he will use his relentless effort and ruthless mentality on the field to make an impact. He wants his personality to rub off on others on the team as well. “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to play football at a high level.”

The biggest reason Lamar wanted a change of scenery in his life was because of his mental health. Although the Gators saw Goods staying in Florida and playing, he wanted to live closer to home. “I know what it’s like to be in a dark position, getting help is the best decision,” he explains. The day his mental health might have affected his ability on the field he made the decision to come home to Canada.


Goods was picked up by the University of Manitoba because of many reasons. His brother is a defensive coach, and they are also originally from Winnipeg. This choice made the most sense to because of where he is at in his life as well.

Being able to finish his college football career in Canada means a lot to Goods. “It shows people that it’s achievable to reach your goals.”

Even though he had his feet in the NCAA, he wants to prove that it doesn’t matter where you played football if you’re dream is to reach the NFL or CFL.

For Canadians that will be trying to make a name for themselves in the NCAA, Goods offers some sound advice, “Come with a focus, and although that focus can be deterred by outside things, wherever you are just stay focused. It’s natural to fail to get success, and in those moments never give up.”

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