#CFC100 twins play in emotional last game

It will be the end of one journey, but the beginning of so many others. Entering their final game with the #CFC50 A. N Myer Marauders, it will be a special day for twin brothers #CFC100Tre and Tyrell Ford who are hoping to cap it off with their third straight OFSAA title.


Before they embarked on this journey to Tim Hortons Field, however, it was their father who set them on the right course over a decade ago,

“When we were kids my dad would always talk about football because he loved it and we would all sit around on Sundays and watch it.” Tyrell explains. “Then we would always be running around the house pretending that we were playing, so my dad was a coach in the NRMFA and he decided to let us play a year earlier and coach us. Being well undersized, younger and as bad as we were, they allowed us 13 guys on the field. So what make me so interested with the game was my father.”


Their father is also a huge motivation and the reason why they both want to go pro,

“My dad being a single parent with kidney failure doesn’t make much.” Tyrell explains. “So I wanna be able to support my family when I get the chance. Where also other player get everything handed to them and they’re born with money, so what drives me to want to go  pro is the money to support my family, and the fact that going pro would be the perfect job because it’s something that I’m passionate about and something that I love.”


Although they may look identical and have the same career goals in mind, they are forced to play different roles on the football field with Tre lining up under centre, and Tyrell flipping between receiver and defensive back. The tandem has helped Myer to a 7-0 record this season, and both have put on flashy displays that have left scouts drooling. Tre likes to describe his quarterback play as unique to himself, but if he had to choose someone who he resembles it would be Russell Wilson from his favourite team the Seattle Seahawks. On the other hand, Tyrell describes himself as a student of the game who is aware of where he should be at all times, as well as where everyone else should be. If scouts would like to acquire their services, they will come as package with the two inseparable on and off the field,

“Well on the field it’s amazing knowing that there is someone that you know you can trust to make a big play when you’re not on, and someone to carry the team.” says Tre. “Offensively it’s nice to know I have him at wideout because 99% of defensive backs can’t stop him. Off the field it’s the same thing kind of, you know someone is there for you and has your back in everything, and I have his.”

It’s important to remember that although they will be a package deal at university, they are two different human beings. On the field, Tre takes on the persona of a noble quarterback says Tyrell, who admits he is the more fiery of the two,

“On the field I’m the one that gets a lot more fired up at Tre than he does at me. If I’m open and he doesn’t see me or throws a ball too short, I definitely let him know, but I never really complain about overthrowing me because that just means I need to run faster. Off the field is where we joke around more and let loose.”

There is one major exception to that rule Tyrell explains,

“Say we are in the classroom and we get a test back, and one of us does bad, the other one gets on him about not studying or whatever it may have been.”

Luckily the two haven’t had much reason to yell at each other over the course of their careers at Myer, with it likely that they could count all the losses they have had without removing their shoes. Their goals have evolved over the four years, and with each new milestone they like to just reset the bar a little bit higher to see how high they can go,

“Well at first the goal was to win OFSAA” Tre says. “Now it’s to be the number one team in Canada, and if not as high as possible. The best part is just continue to win and develop as a player and quarterback.”

As to be expected, Tyrell was a bit more colourful when speaking about their ranking,

“Each year we play we try to get higher in the rankings to be number one before we leave, but we are at two now and I don’t know if will be able to be one because of Herman. We wanted to get a game against them after OFSAA because we weren’t matched up, but I don’t think they will play us because they don’t want their ranking to drop”

While they won’t be playing Herman, the brothers will still face a tall task going up against #CFC50 No. 10 Jacob Hespeler, who if they wanted could argue they deserve the number one ranking as well. But the Ford brothers win, it’s just what they do, and Tyrell is hoping that he can complete the usual routine Wednesday afternoon after another OFSAA victory,

“I mean every part of the bowl games are awesome. Everything from getting on the bus, and my favourite part by far is at the end of the game, we take one picture together just me and him, and we only do this when we win a championship.”


While of course there is no guarantee they will walk away champions, Tre knows regardless he is going to miss his time at Myer and everything that the high school life encompasses,

“I’m going to miss all of my teammates, teachers, coaches, and mostly my dad considering we are going to university next year.” Tre reflects. “So I would like to give my dad a huge shout out, my brother, my coaches Mr. Buchanan who is the senior coach, and Mr.French who is the junior coach. All of these people have played a huge part in my life on and off the field.”

While this will be the last time the Ford brother dawn the purple and white of A. N. Myer, it certainly won’t be the last time we see them making some noise on a football field – wherever that may be.


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