CFC50 game PREVIEW (NS): SJAM, Citadel to throw down in Halifax on Sunday

CFC50 Citadel Phoenix vs. CFC50 Sir John A. Macdonald Flames

Sunday, Oct. 8 @ 1:00pm, St. Mary’s University – Turkey Bowl

This is a big weekend in Nova Scotia as two of the powerhouses will be going to head to head for the Turkey Bowl. 4-0 Citadel Phoenix will meet the 4-0 Sir John A. Macdonald Flames (SJA) on Sunday, Oct. 8 in a match that will test both their teams more then they have been up to this point.

SJA have won four games up to this point of scores of 13-11, 12-0, 41-0, and 33-6. The first game was against Cobequid and has probably been the most challenging up to now. Citadel on the other hand has been a bit more dynamic with 2 scores of 37-7, 62-21, and 49-0.

“We are young and we are still learning, getting better each week,” commented head coach of the Flames, Graham Packman. You can see this in the scores listed above. The Flames have been getting better and it’s a good thing that they have had this past 4 weeks to perfect and iron out their game plan in preparation for this meeting. 

For Citadel, head coach Jon Dyer said that his team is “developing nicely”. Peaking for this team has been made a priority and they have been working hard to make sure that this occurs come November.

“We’ve had a few games where we’ve been able to go deep into our bench and get a lot of guys playing time. It’s great for moral and it’s a long term investment for our team,” he explained. “Some of our players who haven’t been big stars in the past are playing terrific. They may surprise a lot teams but not us. We’ve got a great team this year and guys are stepping up and playing their roles.”

That being said, Citadel’s offensive line will be called upon to take control and for quarterback, Carter Posavad to continue to have a solid season and get the job done as he has been doing all season.

“Citadel has a very good offensive and defensive line so we will have our hands full,” said Coach Packman. Phoenix Aidan John, Tristan Reece, and Kees Nagle will continue to make plays on defense and be disruptive if SJA can’t get a hold of them quick and early.

“I’m most looking forward to the competition level that SJA brings compred to the previous schools that we’ve played. I think our defence will dominate their offence and I think it will be a good game with alot of highlights and scores,” said Aidan John.

However, it’s not only SJA that will have to be sharp and focussed, Citadel won’t have it easy either with a few of their talented players.

“SJA have some talented players. Their MLB Donald Blue is the center piece of their entire defense. He’s a ball hawk and needs to be accounted for,” commented Coach Dyer.

Donald Blue Jr.

As mentioned above, linebacker/running back Donald Blue is the leader on the field for SJA as well as Logan Taylor at defensive tackle. Wide receiver Nick Fryer and quarterback Connor Oake are all players to keep your eye on during this matchup.

“This week at practice, all the guys have been dialed in and ready to go on Sunday. I think as long as we all focus on our responsibilities and assignments this game will go our way,” said Blue when we asked him for his thoughts on the upcoming game. “Since the beginning of the season the league has looked down on our team, so the thing we’re all looking forward to most is showing everyone what we’re capable of.”

Coach Packman said he doesn’t expect there to be any surprises this game as he has confidence in his seniors and his team had a “very good” showing in the game last week where everyone participated and played with all-out effort equally. With a lot of game film and a solid week of practice, he believes his team is well prepared – as best as they can be. they will need their Special Teams to win the field position battle as well as be more disciplined and limit penalties.

“We truly believe the game is decided early in the week with the right preparation. Our job as coaches to make sure we’ve properly prepared our kids for SJA,” said Coach Dyer. “We aren’t concerned about our kids’ motivation going into the Turkey Bowl. We just need to have them ready and comfortable with their assignments.”

And being able to “do your job” is what it’s all about in the end. The team that executes the game plan the best will usually be the victor. For Citadel the keys to game are winning the turnover battle and creating explosive plays.

“SJA play hard, physical football and we have a long history playing against their program. We need to stay focused and execute,” stated Coach Dyer.

This Turkey Bowl is definitely one that will increase your appetite. It should be a good one, one that we had a bit of difficulty predicting the outcome. However, if we look at the scores from the past 4 weeks, we feel that Citadel will come out on top of this one, but it’s not going to be pretty and it’s going to take maximum effort on their part as the Flames will come hard and heavy.

Don’t miss it, game is on Sunday, Oct. 8 @ 1:00pm at St. Mary’s University. This game is also been live streamed on Eastlink for those of you who can’t make it down in person.









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