#CFC50 games of the week (NB) PREVIEW: Undefeated No. 36 Titans taking on Royals

The #CFC50 No. 36 Tantramar Titans are heading on the road this weekend to take on the Riverview Royals. This game is sure to have a playoff-like atmosphere, with both teams boasting strong records and high powered offences.

The Titans and Royals are both fresh off big victories this week, with the Titans shutting out the Odyssee Olympiens and the Royals coming out on top against the Harrison Trimble Trojans.

The Tantramar Titans are enjoying a phenomenal campaign, as they stand at 6-0 and have yet to give up more than 14 points in a single game. Coming off a championship season, head coach Scott O’Neal has done a tremendous job keeping his team focused and ready for every game.

The Riverview Royals come into this matchup with an impressive 5-1 record and plenty to be excited about. Led by their head coach Guy Messervier, the Royals possess a high scoring offence of their own and have the ability to matchup with the Titans in certain areas.


Titans head coach Scott O’Neal attributes his team’s success this season to the overall collective effort of everyone involved.

“Our off-season preparation, our camp, our experience at pretty well every position and our work ethic,” offered coach O’Neal when describing the keys to the Titan’s strong start.

“I still think like any football team, it’s all about taking reps and learning the defence, offence, special teams inside out. We’re definitely more aware, we’re getting better at our assignments.”

One of the biggest challenges the Royals face in this game will be dealing with both the Titans daunting offence and stingy defence. Coach O’Neal is pleased with how his offensive and defensive units have worked together each game.

“Obviously the defence keeps us in the games when we need them,” O’Neal said. “I think a few games we scored on, literally, the first play of the game and then other games it took us a while, our defence held us in and then we got the ball moving.”

Royals head coach Guy Messervier understands the challenges that come with facing Tantramar, particularly the sheer size and power the Titans possess along the line of scrimmage.

“They have bigger lines than we do, both offensive and defensive line, so that will be a challenge,” Messervier said. “We have two or three guys that matchup size and physicality wise, but they look to me this year, from what I saw, that they’re a little above the rest as far as lines.”

Coach Messervier says the Royals will look to establish a balanced attack on offence, but depending on the weather, they might have to rely on their running game led by talented senior Dylan Waugh.


Coming off a 200 yard rushing performance against the Trojans last week, Waugh is expected to play another key role in this matchup.

“He’s a grade 12 kid and he’s been with us for three years so I expect a big game,” offered the Royals head coach.

The Royals have enough talent to compete with anybody in the league, but the Titans present difficulties that other team’s simply do not.

“As far as skill positions, I think we match pretty well there, I don’t think there’s a big difference,” Messervier said. “If anything we might have more depth there than they do, but I think the lines is a big difference.”

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Coach Messervier knows that the key to slowing down the Titans seemingly unstoppable offence is to contain their star running back. 

“If we can give Aidan O’Neal some yards, obviously he’s going to get yards regardless, but if we can limit the big plays, I think that’s the key for us,” the Royals head coach said. “If we can do that, I think we have a good chance.”

Like most opponents that have faced the Titans, coach Messervier and the Royals understand how important the time of possession will be and how much the Titans can make you pay with sustained scoring drives.

“On offence what we want to do is stay on the field as much as possible, so that means we can’t have two many two and outs because I know they will take advantage of that,” Messervier said.

“I know that their type of offence is an offence that will stay on the field and our guys will get tired on defence. So, if our offence can help out our defence with that, I think we have a good chance, but if we can’t that we might be trouble.”

While we don’t see another shutout victory for the Titans like last week, the Royals defence will be overwhelmed by the Titans physically imposing blockers and elite rushing skill. The Titans are poised to move one step closer to another championship this week.

This big game between the #CFC50 No. 36 Tantramar Titans and Riverview Royals is set to kick-off Saturday at 1pm on the Royals homefield.

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