CFC60 2018 June edition: Big men in the trenches (OL)

Now that spring camps are complete, the May evaluation period is over, and we are into full on summer camp circuit, we will be examining some of the top players in the Cégep system and a handful who have chosen who have chosen the junior college (Juco) route.

There are several players in Cégep who deserve to be on the CFC60 top prospects rankings, however, because of the high caliber of football played in the top tiers of Cégep, many of those first year Cégep players don’t get recognized on the CFC60 until their second year in the Cégep system.

Also, many of the Juco players have either completed a post grad year or have transitioned from the Cégep system. For that reason, the number of Juco players on the CFC60 will only include those at the top end of their class.

That being said, here are the OFFENSIVE LINEMEN for the CFC60 June edition 2018.

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