CFCFPC Game Preview ‘Battle of the Best’ [Team BCHS vs. Team Central]: “We are not going to be dictated by our opponent”

The second weekend showcasing some of the country’s best young football talent is fast approaching and will be getting underway in Ottawa, on May 6 and 7 this year. This event, The FOX 40 Prospect Challenge (FPC), will be featuring teams from all over the nation who have brought the strongest and most valuable players from within their regions together to wear their area’s respective jerseys.

Among the games taking place will be the highly prized “Battle of the Best” matchup, an occasion that will see the strongest and most dedicated players from the FPC take the field with their minds set on nothing but a win. This year the game is featuring Team Central Canada, who will be pitted against tournament newcomer Team British Colombia HS (BCHS). These squads will line up the finest of their first-rate young football talent. Meaning that, if there is any game to ensure you come and see, or to tune in for, this is the one.

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