#CFCOPC PLAYERS TO WATCH: Team East Grade 7 DL Ryan ready for Tim Hortons Field debut

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) on the April 29th weekend at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton. In the days leading up to the OPC, CFC will preview the teams and players participating in the big event.

Liam Ryan (#90) tracks down the quarterback. Courtesy of Jay and Melanie Ryan.

Liam Ryan (#90) tracks down the quarterback. Courtesy of Jay and Melanie Ryan.

Football is a family affair for Liam Ryan, so when the Ontario Prospect Challenge came knocking again at his door, he jumped at the chance to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

“I wanted to try it because my older brother was playing and it looked like fun,” Ryan said. “I have enjoyed working with new coaches and meeting new friends.

The young defensive lineman stands at 5’8, 155lbs and will be part of the Team East team. He has played with the Beckwith Irish (Rideau Youth Football League) and the Bell Warriors (National Capital Amateur Football Association).

Ryan has the advantage of size, which makes him a suitable fit for the defensive line. But it’s not only his size that makes him want to play the defensive lineman position. “I like to do all the tackling and hitting and go after the quarterback,” he said.

With such an outlook on the game, it is little wonder he draws inspiration from J.J. Watt, a notable defensive end with the Huston Texans.

Playing at Tim Hortons Field will be a new experience for many of the OPC players, including Ryan. When asked about his thoughts on playing at Tim Hortons Field, he said, “I’m not sure, I have never been there but it looks fun.”

And as for how he will handle the pressure? Ryan said, “I will play the game just the same as all my other games.”

Set to graduate in 2021, Ryan said he would like to get a scholarship and play for a university team. While it is difficult to think about what schools to consider at this age, he said maybe Syracuse or Notre Dame of the NCAA.

While Ryan’s future is uncertain, he is sure about what he wants to accomplish during the OPC. “I want to learn new skills and have some fun with some new players,” he said. “I want to be able to get at least 2 sacks during the game.”

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