#CFCOPC PLAYERS TO WATCH: Team Central Freshman DL Sparks asserts aggressiveness

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com Ontario Prospect Challenge on the April 29th weekend at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. In the days leading up to OPC, CFC will preview the teams and players participating in the big event. 


JeJuan Sparks brings a slew of attributes to the gridiron.

“I think my biggest attribute is how quick I come off the ball, my size, and how fast and aggressive my hands are. I think coming off the ball is one of my best attributes is because I believe that if I come off the ball hard the whole game at 110%, nobody can stop me,” he expressed. “Also, I think my size is another of my biggest attributes because in the game of football it is a big plus if you have size and you know how to use it. Another one of my attributes is how I use my hands because not many people are taught about how to use their hands at my age.”

He has always been an aggressive football player, and loves to establish that aggression on the defensive line.

“I play defensive line simply because I have always enjoyed being aggressive with people, and playing the defensive line position I get to be aggressive with people and hit them as hard as I want until the whistle is blown,” elaborated Sparks. “My favourite part about playing defensive line is getting through the offensive lineman and blowing up the quarterback or the running back; I love getting tackles for losses and sacks.”


Sparks’ football idol is a mid-round NFL Draft pick that has quietly established himself as a perennial Pro Bowler

“My football idol is Geno Atkins. I look up to him because he moves so quick on his feet for a 300-lb lineman,” said the Brampton Bulldogs standout. “Also he is so aggressive when he plays and he is always moving his hands.”

In just over a month, Sparks will add to his already-length resumé when he partakes in his second consecutive Ontario Prospect Challenge from Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton.

“I found out about Ontario Prospect Challenge from a former Metro Toronto Wildcat teammate Keon Edwards,” he recalled of his first taste of the OPC. “The process has been pretty fun and interesting. It has also been a learning experience, learning from all the different coaches and playing with the better players across the province.”

“The three things I am looking forward to doing this year at OPC are having fun, winning, and getting MVP.”


Sparks has played in numerous championship games, won countless awards and made several All-Star teams. With that sort of rap sheet, it’s no surprise that he isn’t rattled by the big stage.

“When I am playing in big games I don’t get nervous because I know that all the training that I have done is going to pay off,” exclaimed the 6’2 300-pounder. “Therefore, I would most likely react in a positive way when faced with the pressures of the big stage.”

Among Sparks’ biggest accomplishment is being named to the 2016 International Bowl U-17 team, where he was the youngest player on either squad, as the only 2001-born competitor.

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