DB Zimmer changes positions

Jayden Zimmer will be entering his first season with the Vincent Massey Trojans ‘AAA’ squad this fall. The young defensive back was always an offensive player but this year his coach decided to switch him over to defense. Zimmer explained, “I like the different atmosphere and I believe the smarts I built from my 6 1/2 years at offence gives me an edge when I’m playing defense because I can read the offence a lot better.”

When Jayden is on offense, he models his game after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers DeSean Jackson because he’s a smaller, quicker receiver, and Desean is really quick in and out of his breaks. When Jayden is playing defense he bases his game off of Tyrann Mathieu from the Arizona Cardinals because he has ball smarts and he’s always around the ball making plays.

One day Jayden would love to make it professionally because football is his greatest passion, but university is his goal in the meantime. In post-secondary education Jayden would like to earn a Bachelor of Arts so he can focus on pursuing his other interest of designing clothing.

Jayden would love to be coached by Brian Dobie and the University of Manitoba Bisons’ staff, or the coaching staff at University of North Dakota. At this time Jayden doesn’t have a top three schools of choice, but if he has the opportunity to have his college tuition payed for and is able to keep chasing his football dream then that’s enough for him no matter where it is.

Jayden Zimmer (2)

Vincent Massey’s playmaker thinks that the next level of football will be challenging, he added, “In the end it’ll make me better and I’m willing to do anything to pursue my dreams with football.”

If he were to suit up at the next level, Jayden’s goal is to have enough of an impact to help the team win games.

During the offseason Jayden goes to Recruit Ready and is a member on the 7v7 team. Jayden also participates in all the speed and skill training that Recruit Ready has to offer, and goes to workouts with Vincent Massey Collegiate and Coach Mckay in the summer. “I’ve only been going to Recruit Ready for 1 year and all of the things they’ve showed me helped me improve not only physically but mentally too,” replied Jayden.

Jayden’s parents have influence him the most to just keep pursuing his dreams and not let anything get in his way. Jayden’s teammates and coaches also influence him, he mentioned, “My teammates and coaches also influence me too, which I feel makes us better as a team because we all influence each other to work harder.”

Football to Jayden has been about building bonds with great people and working hard together to win games and championships.

The most memorable moment for Jayden up to this point was winning the championship last year with such a great team and coach staff. “We all worked so hard to get there and it payed off,” said Jayden.

During his time on the football field, football has taught Jayden that nothing comes easy in life, and if he wants it, he has got to do anything in his power to work for it.

Jayden Zimmer (#2)
Defensive halfback, Slotback
5’8, 155 lbs

Teams: Vincent Massey Trojans (WHSFL), North Winnipeg Nomads (MMFA), U16 Team Manitoba
Official Visits:
Class: 2020


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