Football in Canada NOW (November 21st)

While we do not have enough high school teams to rank our annual CFC50 and CFC25 high school rankings, we can highlight what is going on in each province.

We encourage everyone to be safe and do what they can within the local health authority guidelines…play football, in any format, where you can…late starts to seasons may see a late start in the CFC50…stay tuned.

U Sports/CJFL

No U Sports season or games yet many (if not all) are doing some sort of training and/or full contact practicing.  CJFLs most dominant program and 6-time defending champs, the Hilltops, resumed practicing in early September…others have as well.

High School/CEGEP

Nova Scotia

High School teams were permitted to participate in two weeks of September practices in the hopes of a spring season.  No games this fall.



After a late start to the season the balance of the Juvenile (High School) and CEGEP seasons have been cancelled.

Games from the weekend of September 26.

Division 1 CEGEP saw Limoilou defeat Lennoxville 37-0 and André-Grasset defeat Lionel-Groulx 31-6.

Division 2 CEGEP saw Trois-Rivières defeat Saint-Hyacinthe 19-3 and Thetford defeat Sherbrooke 28-20.

Division 3 CEGEP saw Shawinigan defeat Victoriaville 27-10.

Juvenile Division 1  saw É. sec. Roger-Comtois defeat Collège de Lévis 13-11 and Séminaire Saint-Joseph defeat Académie les Estacades 31-19.

Quebec community football started in August, playing games in certain areas.


As of Monday September 28, Calgary area high schools were allowed to begin practices/tryouts in fall sports including football.  In other areas, no high school games yet players are participating in padded practices and competitive drills.  Community football is playing games, be it exhibition, in modified formats.


The contact season will be in the spring.  The informal non-contact season kicked off week two with plenty of familiar names making headlines. Catch-up with all the action BELOW

Manitoba Non-Contact Week 2 UPDATE

British Columbia

High School teams have been practicing, in stages, in the hopes to play a 5-game season later this fall.  No word yet.


No high school games yet players are participating in meaningful practices and other competitive drills.  Advocates are pushing for a spring season though nothing is confirmed.  Community football started the first week of September playing games, in a modified manner.


Community teams are training and a small number of high school programs.  No games this fall.  Some unofficial non-contact leagues have popped up in certain areas.

New Brunswick

High School teams have been practicing in hopes of a game season.  No word yet.


Neither of these provinces have high school football yet some community programming has been active.  PEI is playing a modified contact game.  Newfoundland does not appear to be playing contact.

PHOTO CREDIT (Limoilou vs. Lennoxville):

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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