Football means everything to RB Adams

Vincent Massey’s Mack Adams earns recognition even though he’s not your typical runningback.

Mack Adams grew up in Brandon playing in the Westman Youth Football Association (WYFA) for 8 years. Between these years, Mack played with the youth Brandon Wolverines and U16 Brandon when there was a team. For the last four seasons, Mack has been a member of the Winnipeg High School Football League’s (WHSFL) Vincent Massey Vikings.

During his time on the gridiron Mack earned 1st place his last 3 years in the WYFA, he won a championship and in his senior year went undefeated. Awards that were handed out to Mack: Massey Offensive MVP twice, named to the WHSFL’s All-Star division team twice, named to the first WHSFL All-League team sponsored by Recruit Ready, and Vidruk division Offensive MVP in his last year.

Mack chose the running back position because he loves running the ball. Mack explained, “I love running the ball, even though I am not that physical as most running backs I love the juking and the running and spinning, it just makes me feel great that even though I don’t look like the average running back I make up for it with my football IQ and speed and agility.”

The young running back models his game after two NFL Hall of Famers, Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice. “I didn’t pick them because they are great,” mentioned Adams. “I pick them because they play the sport with pride and don’t show off much when they make a good play or get a touchdown and that’s how i play the game like.”

When he’s done high school, Mack would love to play for a university team or any team in general just to keep playing football.

So far, the Winnipeg Rifles (Canadian Junior Football League) have contacted Mack through text message, but there have been no other recruitment options at the moment.

At this time Mack is still waiting to see if anyone else is interested in bringing him in, otherwise he will join the Rifles or the Wolverines.

When he reaches the next level, Mack would expect not to do as well as he normally would because he would be nervous. He added, “But when I would get comfortable I think no matter where I go I would push myself to do good.”

During this offseason, Mack wants to keep improving his speed, but he would also like to make himself be more physical with his blocking and trucking, so he will be looking to pick up his weight as well.

“Football means everything to me,” replied Adams. Mack always pushes himself to be a better player so that he can make his team better. He really believes that football has changed his life for the better and for many people that he has turned to football like his best friend, Mike Kurbatoff, has said football changed his life for the better too. Mack said, “There is no sport like football and I don’t treat my fellow teammates just as people I play football with I treat them like family because what I think is that they would do anything for me and I would for them to and that’s what football means to me.”

Mack first joined a team when he was seven years old because his Dad asked him if he wanted to. He said sure, and never looked back. Mack loves the catching, running, and the fact that you get to interact with so many different people.

The most influential person to Mack in football and life has been his friend Mike. Mike has shown and told Mack how football has changed his life, and that he is a better person because of it, and that he will always ask him to throw the ball around and will want to work out. Mack mentioned, “He has made me a better person and a better football player and I can’t thank him enough for it.”

Teamwork is the biggest lesson that Mack has taken from football that he applies in everyday life. He also learnt dedication and patience, and not everyone will just give you anything. Mack learned that you can always push yourself to do better and be better as well.

“I don’t know where I would be without football to be honest,” said Adams.

Massey’s star running back concluded, “I do play many sports but none of them come as close as football does, so I wouldn’t really enjoy doing anything so I don’t know if I would even keep playing sports, and in all honesty maybe wouldn’t be going to school as much as I do now.”

Mack Adams
Running back, Wide Receiver
5’9,150 lbs

Teams: Vincent Massey Vikings (high school: WHSFL), Brandon Wolverines (Minor: WYFA)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017


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