Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): Lineman Auringer looking to play in Canada’s capital

Lineman, Thomas Auringer, wakes up at 6:30am to get to the bus to get to his local turf where he does speed training until school starts and then he lifts with his team during school and studies film. He then has rugby practice after school in the off-season.

This type of dedication can only work towards achieving some high powered goals and Auringer definitely has those. The Belmont Bulldog Most Improved, and Team BC Select player says for the FPC, he wants to make the Elite 30 grade 11 travel team that will compete in Ottawa against the Ontario grade 11 team.

While this is not his only goal, he goes on to say that ultimately he wants to get on the CFC100 top prospects list. “Being on the CFC100 list has always been something i have wanted,” he says. “Being on that list is confirmation to everyone who doubted you or didnt think you had what it took that you did. But i also know that its not the end all be all as long as you know you got it you’ve got it.”

When we asked what drives him to have these high expectations, he replied, “To date my football experience has been nothing short of amazing when i first started playing it was that special thing i would look forward to. I always knew that from 4-6:30 on Tuesday and Thursday night i would be out on the field. Being able to go and know that 30 of you closest friends have your back is something special, you wont find it with any other sport beside this one.”

Thomas loves to play football because it gives him something to strive for. He says that you don’t see guys in the NFL/CFL just “being cool” with their status. He says they are always pushing to get that extra inch on their opponent.

The competitive nature is what I love,” he says. 

Mentioning the NFL, Auringer says that, specifically, Reggie White is a player that he looks up to. “[…] the fact that he had the ability to make offences gameplan around him and that he actually terrified people that were in front of him. He always had a solid head on his shoulder and he never let people get in his head.” he says. “He was truly what a football player should be.”

Thomas Auringer (#60)
Position(s): G, OT, DL
Ht/Wt: 6’3, 260lbs
Teams: Westshore warriors, Victoria Spartans, Belmont Bulldogs
Class: 2018

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