Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): DE Bowles hoping to get noticed by schools

Chris Bowles’ football resume consists of three years of high school football with the T.A. Blakelock Tigers in the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA).

The defensive end is also competing in this year’s Fox 40 Prospect Challenge, where is goals are to make the top 100 and get noticed by schools.

During the offseason, he lifts six days a week while also doing a sprinting program that has gotten my 50 time from 5.5 to 5.1.

“I love playing football because it is a great sport to use aggression and be able to focus on what you are doing,” said Chris. “It is also just a lot of fun to be able to go out on a field, give it all you got and showcase your ability.”

Chris Bowles
Position: Defensive end
Height/Weight: 6’1”, 225lbs
Team: T.A. Blakelock Tigers (HSSAA)
Class: 2018


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