Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): RB/DE Knight’s football career has been “eye opening”

Thus far, Carter Harrison’s football experience has been an eye opener, as it has taught him to be aware of what is around him, as well as how to act in stressful game situations.

The running back/defensive end is currently playing with his high school team, the St. Mary’s College Knights.

This year, the Knight is also participating in the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge.

“My goals for [FPC] are to gain knowledge from other players and to be able to showcase my own skill,” said Carter.

During the offseason, Carter goes to the gym and does drills, along with ball handling to perfect his form and abilities.

Moreover, on the field, his idol is Emmitt Smith because he was a great player, as well as a team player, and through his seasons as a pro he demonstrated qualities that Carter wants to be able to have.

“I love to play football because it’s a sport that you can’t play alone,” commented Carter. “Playing with a team builds character and makes you a better person through the season as well as to be a leader and a team player.”

Photo by: BroadLense Photography

Carter Harrison
Positions: Running back and defensive end
Height/Weight: 5’6”, 170lbs
Team: St. Mary’s College Knights (high school)
Class: 2019

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