Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): REC McAlpine uses football as a stress reliever

Ben McAlpine is another spectacular athlete to come out of the Brantford Collegiate Institute (BCI). The 6’3, 192-pound receiver has thrived when choosing football to be his number one sport. The big target lead his squad in both receiving yards and touchdowns in 2016/17.

A player that Ben looks up to is Calvin Johnson, one of the best NFL wide receivers of the last decade.

“He gets the job done and keeps quiet. CJ is someone I look up to due to his humility, calmness and poise as a player. He is the definition of a true football player and a team player,” Ben describes.

A big part of McAlpine’s athletic ability, he credits, is to playing rugby throughout high school.

“Many of the skills involved in rugby are transferrable to the football field. Rugby reinforces the team approach, toughness, tackling and taking a hit. Not only does rugby prepare me physically for football it also prepares me mentally,” McAlpine acknowledges.

Reasons Ben loves football is the way it can take his mind of things and help him build bonds with his teammates that could last a lifetime.

“When I’m out on the field with my brothers my focus is only football. I’m not worrying about tests, assignments or any other issues teenagers have to worry about. I’m out there having fun and doing what I love.” Ben said passionately.

Ben is returning for a 5th year at BCI and will be competing at this years Fox 40 Prospect Challenge. He wants to explore his options for the upcoming summer. His goal is to play university football while working towards his degree.

Ben McAlpine
Position: Slot Receiver
Height/Weight: 6’3, 193 lbs
Team: BCI Mustangs
Visits/Conversations: Windsor, Carleton, Laurier
Class: 2017

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