Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): DE Dhami looks to Solomon Thomas for inspiration

My goals for the fox 40 challenge is to get some more exposure for myself and have a fun time while doing it.” says defensive end, Pauljeet Dhami.

Playing for four years, the 6’4, 221lbs lineman plays for the Notre Dame Jugglers who went all the way to the AAA provincial finals for 2016. His season stats include 78 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 1 touchdown, and 7 sacks. “Football brings out the best in me.” he says, and goes on to say that his love of the game will keep him playing it for as long as possible.

This off-season, Dhami plans on working out with trainers and on his own each day in order to improve his athletic and football ability. “This offseason I plan to come back better than i was before . Faster , stronger , smarter and be better than any player i go up against.” And while he recognizes that this will be hard work, he says, ” [it] saved my life from becoming over weight and gave me the motivation to not just play the game but to be the best at it.” 

With his graduating year being 2018, Pauljeet is eligible to be on the CFC100 top prospects list. When we asked if this was a goal of his, he responded, “Of course making the list is a goal to not only know where i stand amongst other but also know that i need to get better if i want to be the best player i can be.”

He also mentions that defensive end, Solomon Thomas who plays for the Stanford Cardinals as someone who motivates him to be the best player he can be. “His long mean build and deep passion for the game has reflected on how i try to play the defensive end position.”

Football to me has been a life changing experience its brought so much life and happiness into my life and a passion I can’t get from anyone or any other thing its incredible.” finishes Pauljeet. 

Pauljeet Dhami (#88)
Position: Defensive end
Height/Weight: 6’4, 221lbs
Team(s): Notre Dame Regional
Class: 2018


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