Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Royal Pyle looking for Halton-Peel team for the third time


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Garrison Pyle has had a positive football experience thus far beginning with the Halton Cowboys. He has also played for Team Ontario, the Rideau Redblacks, the Crimson Tide and last year’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC).

“Being on these different teams, I have had the chance to work with various coaches and scouts who each had something different to help me improve,” said Garrison. “This has led me to develop greatly as a player and as a person of the game.”

During his career, all the coaches and scouts have had one thing in common: never stop training and learning. This has helped Garrison with his offseason training, reminding him that he needs to get better to increase his level of play.

“I have also met and formed a camaraderie with many people over the years from this game,” commented Garrison. “It is amazing that I’m still in contact with past coaches and past players all the time.”

Currently, Garrison plays his high school, the Bishop Reding Royals, in the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA).

His goal for the OPC is to make the Halton-Peel team each year of high school.

“I have enjoyed the OPC experience in Grade 9 and 10 and hope to continue on in my Grade 11 year,” added the defensive line, where he started in Grades 9 and 10.

“This year, I hope to make a difference to help propel my team to victory,” explained Garrison. “Also, I hope that OPC can help me get recruited by universities because it is a great achievement to make the team and perform well in the game.”

Moreover, being in the CFC100 is a goal of the Royal’s because being on a list of very talented players is very important, as universities will recognize those players as the as the best of the best or the elite players at his age.

“My goal for football is to play in the CIS, and I believe that making this list can help propel me towards that goal,” said the Royal.


Garrison has been in constant contact with many schools in the OUA, such as McMaster, Wester, Queens, uOttawa, as well as schools as far west as UBS and as far east as St. Francis Xavier.

During the offseason, he goes to the weight room every day after school to increase his strength.

“This helps on the field because being strong helps tackling, blocking and breaking tackles,” continued Garrison. “I also will run hills and do conditioning over the weekends, this helps with speed and conditioning.”

Training during the off-season is essential to performing well on the field. The Royal also participates in Specialized Sports training on his own and football specific training with the rest of his club team.

Despite not having a distinct football idol, his biggest motivator is his father.

“He pushes me to be the very best player I can be,” said Garrison. “Whenever I am running hills with the sled he is there to help me work and train to be a better player.”

His dad also gives him ways that he can improve and gives him tips on how to improve as a player.

“I love playing football because it is a very intelligent game but also a very simple game,” continued the Royal. “I also love the preparation and work that is involved to play at a high level, it is challenging and rewarding because the training is gruelling but helps a great deal on the field of play.”

Garrison also loves sport because it is a team sport.

“Every player needs to do their job or the team will fail,” commented the Royal. “Football has also allowed me to form friendships with other players who have the same dreams and desires that I have.”


Garrison Pyle
Positions: Defensive line, linebacker, tight end, long-snapper
Height/Weight: 6’1”, 230lbs
Team: Bishop Reding Royals (HSSAA)
Considerations: McMaster, Western, Queens, uOttawa, UBC and St. Francis Xavier
Class: 2018


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Register now for the 2016-2017 Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (formerly OPC)




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