Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Liam Mutunga is a leader of men

Liam Mutunga is a special football player not because he is bigger, stronger, faster than most people, but because he is a leader pushing others to become better. It is not surprise that Ray Lewis is his idol since Lewis is one of the greatest leaders in professional sports history.

“My football role model is Ray Lewis because of the way he mentally and physically overpowered his opponents as well as taking the leadership role on his team, and inspired others to perform at their best. He is who all football players should be as a player and a person,” says Mutunga.

Mutunga takes snaps at both middle linebacker and defensive end, but despite his numbers and accolades what matters to him is, and what he wants to show at the FPC is, “to be the best player on the field and give 100 per cent on every single snap of the ball to show my teammates and opponents how much fight I have in me,” says Mutunga.

To Mutunga football is a special sport because of the family atmosphere, the bond each player creates with one another throughout the season to become brothers. “I love football mainly because of the unity aspect involved, I love playing with and supporting my teammates, and having that ‘I have your back feeling’, which you don’t get in a lot of sports,” says Mutunga.

In the offseason, Mutunga trains with his coaches and teammates to improve both his athletic prowess, and his football abilities. “I train with my coach and teammates to improve my football ability. I wake up earlier in the morning to hit the gym, or go for a run to improve my athletic abilities, and watch tape of professional football players that play my position to understand more about my job on the football field,” says Mutunga.

Liam Mutunga (#35)
Positions: Middle linebacker/Defensive end
Teams: Mississauga Bobcats, Toronto Thunder
Class: 2017
Height/Weight: 6’0, 230lbs

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