FS McLearon: “Football is more than just a sport to me”

Brett McLearon has been playing football for four years and enjoys the benefits of playing on both sides of the ball.

“I get to lay the boom and also score touchdowns,” he says. “Being able to catch or run with the ball at other players and knock them over, get a first down or score, ignites me. I also love running full tilt at someone and lighting them up. Playing both offence and defence gives me the chance to have the best of both worlds.”

During his time on the gridiron, he has suited up for the Twin Cities Warhawks, Twin Cities Predators and his high school team, the SJAM Highlanders. He says that his high school coach has played a vital role in his development.

“My coach Josh Alexander always pushes me to be great and to put in the work to be successful,” Brett says. “He teaches me how to be disciplined and to never stop until I get where I want to be in life, and then to go even further.”

Speaking of the future, McLearon would like to get into Business in university and aims on playing varsity football on a scholarship. He has already been on unofficial trips to Guelph and Laurier in Grade 11. His top 3 choices are Laurier, Guelph, and Western thus far. He adds that he will “adjust well” to football at this next level and plans on taking steps to improve his overall game. “Work out and do agility training to get bigger, stronger and faster,” he says.

Brett has a thorough explanation about his passion for football that he follows.

“Football means to work,” Brett says. “Teamwork. In order to win games and to win championships, each individual on the field needs to work together and count on one another to do their job. Hard work. for a team to be successful at practice and during games, all the players need to be hardworking and outplay their opponent. Homework. For a player to do well and be the best in their position, the best in their sport, they need to be doing things at home such as schoolwork (to get into university and play at the next level) or training at home doing footwork, lifting weights and eating healthy. It is their homework to be responsible for all those things while not playing football. Working out. one needs to work out so they can be bigger, faster and stronger to win the battle in a game because they are now the better athlete. All this work will end up making football work, instead of going into a daily 9-5 job, people who put in the work will be getting paid for doing something they love.”

“Football is more than just a sport to me, it is something I am passionate about and committed to, I put in the work and it is a game that I love.”


Brett McLearon
5’11, 185 lbs

Teams: Twin Cities Warhawks, Twin Cities Predators, SJAM Highlanders (high school)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Unofficial Visits: Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier
Consideration: Wilfrid Laurier, Guelph, Western, Open
Class: 2017

Great season boys ❤️?

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