Game PREVIEWS (QC – Juv. 1/1b): Crystal ball glimpse into possible 2 championship matchups

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As the leaves turn colour and the apple orchards fill with families picking apples. Get ready for an awesome week of football or let’s just say…BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!

This week in the RSEQ D1 and D1B, four teams go in undefeated and two will come out the same. While teams fight to stay in the hunt for playoff positioning to have home field advantage or a playoff spot period.



CFC50 No. 38 É. sec. du Triolet Harfangs (3-2) v. É. sec. Roger-Comtois Patriotes (1-4)

The Patriotes just don’t have the fire power to come out swinging against the Harfangs. They will need to be very strategic and selective of the play calling and audibles. QB Jonathan Tremblay will need to get rid of the ball quickly and use his feet to extend drives if they want any success. Hopefully, they can assist their defence and maintain clock control. If they can grind it out, they may have a chance to squeak out the victory. If the Patriotes can’t grind things out, the Harfangs should have a day where QB Yanik Daigle will light things up with Mederic Lamaoureux and Simon Potvin. As for the Harfang’s defence, if the Patriotes try to grind things out, Emerik Charron and Felix Mercier will have something to say about it. With a combined tackles for a loss of 15, these two will put the pressure on and cause havoc in the backfield.

É. sec. Armand-Corbeil Scorpions (1-4) v. CFC50 No. 20 Collège Charles-Lemoyne Dynamiques (4-1)

The Scorpions are still in the learning stages of the division. However, they do know the Dynamiques well, since the Dynamiques joined the division only a couple years ago. The Scorpions have a solid defence, however, the offence is struggling which doesn’t help. Cause and effect, offence struggles defence remains on the field a long time and gets frustrated and fatigued which causes mistakes and mistakes equal big gains for the other team, Enter in the Dynamiques, a team that will capitalize on a tired, frustrated defence and cause more frustration. QB Noah Gravel will chip away at the defence, and if the coverage is there, will take off and extend the drive with his feet. CFC100 Kenzy Paul has just under 700 combined yards in the air and on the ground. You know the Dynamiques will come out firing and the defence will be running down the Scorpion’s QB to add to their 12 sack season total.

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Académie Saint-Louis Arsenal (0-5) v. CFC50 No. 43 Collège Notre-Dame Cactus (3-2)

Arsenal are in a rebuilding stage, but they need to get some sort of momentum going. Unfortunately, there is nothing really to talk about for offensive production. Total yards for the team has been 1048 total over 5 games and only scored 41 points on the season. This is what we would call the sacrificial lamb being left out for ……well, you can draw your own conclusions. The Cactus’ QB Tristan Aboud, is a precision QB. He makes his reads very quickly and should be able to rack up the completions and yards with receivers Mathieu Lafleur and Gaberial Tache.

Collège Jean-Eudes Aigles (1-4)  v. CFC50 No. 47 É. sec. Curé-Antoine-Labelle Les Loups (2-3)

This match should be very interesting. Both teams are coming off losses where each scored no offensive points, with minimal production. They need to find their offensive groove and defenses need to step up. Aigles defensive standout, Xavier Thibaudeau, needs to lead his unit and have them dig deep like they did in the playoffs last year.


CFC50 No. 8 Saint-Jean-Eudes Condors (5-0)  v. CFC50 No. 3 Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard (5-0)

This has to be the most talked about game of the week and CFC Ryan McCabe has already done a big write up. You have to check it out HERE.

I won’t go into great detail, but this game has a lot on the line. Not only is it a winner take top spot, but top spot will receive the ONLY bye week in the playoffs. Hold onto your hats folks, either a Blizzard will blow it off or a Condor can swoop in and steal it. Either way, we can’t wait to see the results.


CFC25 No. 21 Collège de Lévis Commandeurs (2-2) v. Polyvalente Deux-Montagnes Centurions (1-3)

These two teams come into this game with big upset wins last week, BUT the Centurions pulled out the upset of the year last week against, what seemed like a depleted and deflated, Patriotes. But that doesn’t matter, they stepped up and dominated where they needed to and choked off the offence with a smothering defence. They will be riding that momentum and energy this week – and they’ll need it.

Offensively, the Centurions have struggled, but it seems they have found a niche that works for them splitting the QB duties between Mathis Sardinha and Liam Mcgonigal. With that split, they show two completely different offensive looks. One of an old school power run and the other, a spread offence with a tight end that actually releases for passes. You don’t know what look you’re going to get until the offence walks out on the field. Add in a substitution, you’re now in wildcat. Let’s see if they can carry the momentum.

The Commandeurs have the one-man wrecking crew of Nathan Lacasse. Nathan makes up for 35% of the Commandeurs total season offence and 50% of their scoring. If the Centurions can find a way of shutting this man down, they may have a chance. If not, they will ride the back of Nathan as he has a knack for finding the open spaces and hauling in passes most receivers don’t. Honestly, the Commandeurs should win this hands down. But we said that last week and the Centurions pulled it off. So yes, let’s ride that bandwagon for another week and call it for the Centurions. If it doesn’t work out, hey, the ride was fun.

É. sec. Pointe-Lévy Corsaires (1-3)  v. Académie les Estacades Estacades (0-4)

Estacades don’t have the same firepower as they had in previous years. They have split the quarterback duties three ways – likely to develop younger talent for the future. Expect Shane Auger to get the start, and if he wants to carry his team to the first victory, he needs to control the clock and ball. Estacades will want to establish the run game with Anthony Mongrain and spread the receiving duties around. Unfortunately, they are going against the team with the smallest roster, but biggest heart. This team doesn’t quit. Expect defensive leader, Isaac Lachance, to have his unit pumped and ready in a ‘show no mercy’ battle. Offensively, CFC100 Dylan Djete (aka D-JET) should have a heck of a day along with RB Mikael Aubin. These three players are the heart and soul of this team, and when they are on fire, so is the team. Expect nothing less from this team, and expect the Corsaires to come out on top.


Collège Laval Marauders (2-2)  v. CFC25 No. 18 É. sec. Saint-Stanislas Patriotes (2-2)

Now the two teams who come into this week with a loss they did not expect to have. This game has huge playoff implications. Since two teams get playoff byes, these teams have to win outright if they want that spot. The Patriotes have been playing merry-go-round at the quarterback position and need to decide which one to go with. QB competition is a good thing, but come game time, they need to find a groove. Expect receivers Wembi Leba, Raphael Bressani, and Julien Bolduc to have most of the load in the air attack. Hopefully, Jeremie Auger will be back on the active roster for their short yard ground and pound. The Marauder’s QB Victor Charland will look to Bradly Edouard and Sebastien Allaire, but with twelve receivers in the chamber, he can spread the ball around easily.

Defensively, the edge has to be given to the Marauders. The Patriotes defence is simply not what it was. Their defence has been the one to crack, and it seems its cracked. Already having allowed 91 points at the midway point, this is the most points allowed in three years. If they don’t tighten things up, expect the Marauders to come out firing and take full advantage. That said, the Marauders will pick the defence apart like most teams have, and put the Patriotes in a position they haven’t been in since the year they joined the division – at the bottom. Yes, that’s a long winded way to say Marauders win.

CFC25 No. 6 Séminaire Saint-Joseph Vert et Or (4-0) v. CFC25 No. 3 Collège Bourget Voltigeurs (4-0)

Battle of the undefeated this is the SECOND most talked about game of the week. When you look at these two teams, it’s going to be a battle. Nine points separate the offensive scoring and three points separate the defensive production – the edge going to the Vert et Or, so let’s start there.

The Vert et Or offensively can compare to a large, easy spread jar of peanut butter. They not only spread the ball around in the air, but on the ground also. This gives QB Simon Brunelle many options to pick apart a defence. Expect the offense to grind things out and do their best to hold onto the ball and control the clock. Giving their defence the rest to deal with the Voltigeur’s explosive offence. Louis Philip Charlebois and Julien Desroisiers combine for a season total of 6 sacks of a team total 10 sacks. They will bring the pressure to disrupt when they can.

The Voltigeurs send no apologies for dominating the way they are and will face their biggest challenge to date. Simon Boudreault is on target for a 2000 yard passing season with 22 touchdowns. This QB is 73 for 113 passes and only 2 interceptions. He is precise and knows where his targets, Vincent Drolet, Felix Joly, Alexy Painchaud, are.

But now, let’s focus on the ground game. This team is not only scoring at will in the air, but Jayden Josiah Theodore scores at will on the ground. 76 carries, 637 yards, and 4 TDs, Jayden keeps defences on their toes. When a team can shoot and run like this, defences need to be disciplined.

And now the Voltigeurs defence. Speaking of disciplined; 12 knock down passes, 10 sacks on the season, and a whopping 51 tackles for a loss. Lancelot Gilbert will be ready to lead this defence into the D1B game of the year. Many are predicting this to be the Championship match up. But either way, this game is going to be one heck of a match. As for calling it. Let’s just flip the coin and ENJOY THE SHOW!

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