Hard working receiver Muamba still weighing his options for university ball

Three characteristics that describe Frederic Muamba on and off the football field are, “hard worker, motivated and humble.” He successfully shows his coaches and teammates these qualities day in and day out. Give this man a ball and he won’t stop running until you send the whole squad after him.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.


  1. Your cousins who loved STFX are in the CFL, and i’m sure They would like to see the Muamba tradition carry on there.

  2. Good luck Frederic! Keep up the good work. Coach Mario Sr.

  3. Freddy, Keep up the good work. I told you it is up to you. Since you can,t dance you have no choice. No really I am proud of you. Coach Mario Sr.

  4. Do not give up my man ! We love you…

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