Luc Rodrigues is a positive and speedy slotback

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Luc Rodrigues, a high school senior from Manitoba spent his childhood playing sports, just like many other young boys. Baseball, Basketball, soccer, you name it and Luc played it growing up. Once he entered high school, football started to take priority.

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“I really grew to love the sport because of the team effort and the way shapes you as a person even outside of the field.”

When on the field, Rodrigues keeps a perfect balance of having the most fun, while being a leader and keeping a winning mindset. As a slotback, he is in a prime position to make a game-changing difference in an instance.

“I love that every play is different, block to the inside or outside, or to running a hook or a fade, I can make the big play that changes the game. I also love the chemistry I have with my QB because he can always rely on me to make big plays and I can always rely on him to throw great balls.”


Luc tries to follow the footsteps of Julio Jones, who he admires because of his clinical hands and his fast route running. Another professional he idolizes is Lucky Whitehead, from his hometown Blue Bombers. Luc loves watching Whiteheads speed, especially because Lucky wears Luc’s number 7.

In his spare time, Luc is often found riding his bike, or following in his Portuguese roots and playing soccer with friends. One thing that his friends admire about Luc is that he always positive and having fun, but will lift up his friends whenever they need it.

After high school, the young slotback aspires to continue playing football, and hopefully that is for a university team. If football was to not work out, Luc dreams of being an architect due to his love of math and interest in building. As his football dream is nowhere near over, Luc is constantly trying to better himself.


“Almost everyday I have been working out and eating better so i can build some more muscle in order to be a more physical receiver. I have also been working on cleaning up my routes and always working on my hands. I never really feel 100% accomplished and I always feel like I can be a better receiver than I was the day before, so I will always continue to work on everything I do to get as close to perfect as I can.”

Luc notes his parents, Coach Kovacs and Coach Garfield as the people who have put in the extra work with him, pushed him to be the best he can be and fine tune the details that can take Luc to the next level.

“To any recruiters that are looking for a reliable, energetic and fast receiver, that’s exactly what I am.”

Luc Rodrigues (#7)
Position: Slotback
Ht/Wt: 5’10, 135lbs
Teams: Grant Park Pirates
Class: 2020

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