McGill now home to CFC100 Vancouver Fighting Irish QB

McGill welcomes an accomplished quarterback to their 2017 class.

It will be a long flight for Jacob Samuels, a quarterback from Vancouver College, to reach his new home in Montreal, Quebec after signing with the McGill Redmen.

What was it, though, that drew this decorated quarterback from the shores of the Pacific to the shores of the St. Lawrence River? “The great academics, improving program, great coaching staff and vibrant campus,” Samuels said, adding that he is interested in either social sciences or communications.

“I think very highly of the McGill coaching staff. Very excited to be working with a great offensive mind in Coach Ben Groulx. Head Coach Ron Hilaire seems very invested in winning, which intrigued me to commit to McGill.”

Courtesy of Jacob Samuels.

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Samuels has spent five years playing with the Vancouver College Fighting Irish (British Columbia High School Football League). In that time, he has raked up quite a number of accomplishments. In 2014, he was his JV team’s MVP. The following year, he was the varsity team’s Best Grade 11. This past season, he won the Mike Guthrie Award, which is given to the player who invested in the program and identifies with the team’s spirit.

In his career, he also set many school records, such as the most passing yards in a career (3356 yards), the most passing yards in a season (2472 yards) and the most passing yards in a game (385 yards).



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