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MWFL:  Rookie season one to remember for Nikky Adams of Halifax Xplosion

As the Maritime Women’s Football League celebrated its milestone tenth anniversary, many new faces were part of the landmark season. Nikky Adams became a dynamic member of the Halifax Xplosion and emerged as a building block on the club’s improving roster.

While the role of rookie is quite possibly the hardest one in all of sport, Adams accepted the role with great enthusiasm. Employing maturity, she recognizes that there was a lot to learn in her inaugural season in the MWFL but took on the challenge with heart, while enjoying great personal growth.

“Playing for the Xplosion was a huge learning experience. I’ve always loved to watch football, but I never knew many of the intricacies of the game. Playing has given me a whole new appreciation for the sport.

I have also discovered some things about myself. For example, you are never too old to try something new and do well at it. I am in my late thirties and I decided to pick up tackle football as my chosen sport. Many of my friends and family still cannot believe it.”

In her role as one of the team’s rookies, Adams learned to benefit from the wisdom and experience of the veteran players. In discussing if there were any veterans that she looked up to, Adams mentioned several that made an impression,

“There are veterans on the team I admire for different reasons. I stand in quiet awe of Lindsay Bennett. She is an amazing and humble player and I hope to be as good as her someday. I look up to Terri Smith-Fraser because she is a quiet leader and an amazing player.

In 10 years I hope to still be playing, let alone at her caliber. Our quarterback, Ashley Howatt is someone I look up to as well. She is a great player and serious about the game. I admire her passion. During our game at St. Mary’s University, I played on both offense and defense. Ashley was really encouraging and appreciative of my efforts. That goes a long way with me.”

Although the Xplosion have struggled in the wins column, there have been many moments that have been essential in building morale. Late in the season, the squad won a game against the eventual MWFL champion Capital Area Lady Gladiators. The victory had a remarkable impact.

“It was amazing to see the joy on my teammates faces, especially the veterans, after was won against the would-be champions. The Xplosion team had been working so hard and for so long for a win.

That game really did boost our confidence. We havve tasted it and now we want it all the time. Next year, we will bring that confidence with us from game one.”

Perhaps the most unique aspect of her rookie season was the opportunity to share it with someone very special in her life. Her fiancée Jason Quackenbush contributed throughout the season as a photographer for the Xplosion. The results of his superlative work earned him the opportunity to work the MWFL postseason. With his efforts in helping to commemorate the season with his timeless images, it was a great point of pride for Adams.

“I am so incredibly proud of Jason and the work he has done with the Xplosion football franchise. He has come so far as a photographer over the last two years. He still amazes me with the images he captures. I’m happy the team appreciates his hard work as well. He loves to make us look good!”

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”

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