Mind of McCabe: Be a student of the game

I was faced with an awkward, but familiar question from my partner in crime, Katie Burt, at the CFC Prospect Game Showcase in Burlington. As we were sitting back watching the future talent run through their combine drills, she asked “So, how good were you when you played?”

The simple answer, definitely not as good as any of the players in the dome that day – that’s the only way you become a “journalist” before you ever leave high school. Some people are just born to play the game of football, and I unfortunately wasn’t one of them. That doesn’t mean I was a completely useless on the field though, and this was almost 100% due to the fact I was a student of the game from a very young age. Physical abilities can only take you so far in football, so it’s wise to take your studies seriously before the rest of the pack pulls away.


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