Why you should create a list of 15 target schools

The end of another high school season means the start of another recruiting cycle, and scouts across the continent are already busy jotting down names as they search for the next hidden star. There’s a lot of homework involved with high school scouting, but the adults shouldn’t be the only ones putting pencil to paper.

Depending on what grade you’re currently in, there will be varying amounts of interest from recruiters ranging from legit offers to zero contact at all. No matter what amount of interest you’ve generated so far, it’s worth coming up with a list of 15 potential schools that fit your academic and football needs. Obviously you won’t be able to take official visits with every one, but it’s important to take control of your destiny by identifying the type of programs you would like to join instead of waiting around for schools to choose you. It makes a huge difference when you can attend a school you’re truly passionate about which will be reflected by your work on and off the field.

The names may change throughout your journey, but it’s important to stick to the guideline so you end up at the right destination.



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