NCAA Signing Day: Committee to propose move towards December

Could NCAA Signing Day happen earlier?

It is a possibility.  After much deliberation, the Conference Commissioners Association (CCA) Committee is steering towards recommending that the signings take place in mid-December instead of the traditional first Wednesday of February.

With the recommended move, it would correspond with the JUCO transfer signing day which has been traditionally taken place during the third week of December. Furthermore, it would only have a small effect on the recruiting season with the signing date moved to December.

The CCA is comprised of 32 NCAA Division 1 conference commissioners and they are the ones that oversee the Letter of Intent process.

Now the next step will be for the CCA to formally declare their recommendations to the conference commissioners.  After that, coaches will be able to give their feedback during spring meetings before it goes to a vote in June.

If it is voted in, the earliest this new signing period would be implemented is the 2016 season.


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