OL/OT Giffen’s “body frame and athletic ability” gives him an advantage

Nick Giffen had an interest in football when he was a kid, and when he headed into high school he decided to give it a try.

During his time on the gridiron, he has become passionate about playing on the offensive line.

“I enjoy the chance to go out and hit someone every play to protect the ball carrier as I feel it is a major part of a team’s success,” he said.

And he feels that his “body frame and athletic ability” give him an edge against his opponents.

“With a balance of size, strength and speed, I am able to be a quick and athletic tackle with good feet and the ability to move well,” Nick said.

A memorable football moment for him was when he participated in the 2017 Canada Cup. It was “an experience of a lifetime” for Nick.

“The level of competition was higher than ever, creating a great atmosphere to compete in,” he said.

Nick’s family has been a valuable support system and have positively influenced him.

“They have always taken me to workouts, practices and games, which have given me the opportunity to be where I am today with my football ability,” Nick said.

As for the recruitment process, it has been “exciting and the interest has been motivating” for him.

“The recruitment process has intensified through exposure and has also lead to more serious conversations with various schools and programs,” he said.

In the past, he attended provincial football and university camps at UBC and SFU and with Team BC.

“At these camps, I was able to succeed and stand out due to my athletic ability and because I was able to adapt and apply different learnings to my game,” Nick said.

He is setting the bar high for himself when he enters university as a freshman.

“My personal expectations as a freshman are to adapt to a new level of competition and the demanding regimen of a student athlete,” he said. “In addition, I plan on continuing to improve my skills and physical stature, putting on muscle and weight as I work to be a contributing member of the team.”

Nick believes he will be able to adapt smoothly to the next level due to his strong work ethic and will to succeed.

“With a good balance of school and football, along with the right program, I am confident this is achievable,” Nick said.

He has kept himself busy during the off-season to improve his game as much as possible.

“This off-season, I played additional football at the provincial level to compete against the best players and great coaches, challenging myself to get better,” he said. “In addition, I have been committed to off-season training to enhance my skills along and strength.”

As for schooling, Nick wants to “achieve a degree in business” and continue playing football at the next level.

Football is deep-rooted in his life.

“In four short years of playing football, I have developed a passion for the game,” Nick said. “More than anything, the brotherhood that comes from the game has impacted me. The bonds that I have developed with teams adds an enjoyment to the game of football that carries further than the field.”


Nick Giffen (#70)
6’5, 240lbs

Teams: Holy Cross Crusaders, Team BC
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: Open
Class: 2018



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