ONT (Hamilton Pub.): Warriors tame Lions

Last Thursday, the Westdale Warriors took on the Sir Alan MacNab Lions on home turf . Β With this being the last game of the regular season, the Warriors were looking to go out with a bang with the hometown crowd behind them.

As the pregame warm ups came to an end, the Warriors kickoff began the game. Sent high and deep by Matt Oliver, the Warriors were down the field and stopped the Lions return in their own zone. Β This gave Β the Warriors defense a chance to show their stuff.

But as most teams do, the Lions fell to the Warriors defense and were forced to punt. Once the Lions gave the ball to Warriors offense, who were hungry and ready to take apart the Lions defense.

With the Warrior offense on the field and moving the ball, the lions defense was out of ideas and couldn’t solve Β the puzzle that was the Warrior offense. As Sam Malavolta hit Christian Sirco in the end zone for six putting Westdale on the board 7-0.

But the Warriors definitely weren’t done there as they continued to pound on the Lions offensively and defensively, by the Westdale offence ramming the ball down the field and the defense shutting down and daylight for the Mcnab offence.

And as a result of a flawless defensive game,the westdale defense put of six points of there own off of a bad snap all the way into the end zone and some serious hustle by DE Finn McKee to recover the ball putting the warriors up 14-0.

But going into the second half, the Warriors were replenished and even more prepared continue in this football game. And they certainly proved it as Sam Malvolta took the ball in himself for a touchdown and RB Jacob Wolfendon took off down field for a touchdown with a huge run and then adding on a two point conversion to finish off the fourth quarter.

As result, the Warriors earned a shutout victory, 29-0 over the Lions.

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