Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Patriot a #CFC100 standout

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Linebacker, Fullback

6’0”, 215lbs

St. Paul Patriots (high school NRHSAA)


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2015 Ontario Prospect Challenge  re Teddy Mansell (with Coaches) receiving the Denensive MVP Award


Teddy Mansell has been on the gridiron for 10 years playing with a minor league, a rep league and high school.

In 2014, he was named to Team Ontario playing in the Spaulding Cup Tournament and received the Defensive MVP Award in Quebec City.

February of the next year, the linebacker/fullback played for U17 Team Ontario at the International Bowl in Arlington, Texas and was the tournament’s tackles leader.

In grade nine before he moved to St. Paul he played for St. Michael, where he was the only grade nine player in the school’s history to be named captain and was awarded Rookie of the Year.

When he moved to the north end of town and switched to the St. Paul Patriots, he was the first and only grade 10 in the school’s history to make the varsity team and be a starter.

During the off season he usually lifts twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Moreover, during the school year he will add footwork to his routine during his evening lift.

This past winter he also played on his school’s basketball team, which is known for its insistence of high quality fitness to win games. He also likes to play flag football during the winter and spring to keep his speed up and skills sharp.

In the past he has spent multiple years playing summer football with the Spears, but attended numerous Rising Senior Prospect Camps last year instead.

“In many respects, there really is no ‘off-season’ when you’re serious about football, just different athletic regimes and different OTA’s [Organized Team Activities] outside of the regular football season,” said Teddy. “It’s a year-round, continuous commitment.”

In the past, 2014 and 2015, Teddy was awarded Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) Defensive MVP. He has since been named to the #CFC100, which is a personal accomplishment he is very honoured and proud to have achieved.

His goals for the upcoming OPC are to put in a strong performance and demonstrate leadership both on and off the field, help his team play hard and win, and get his efforts noticed and rewarded by climbing the CFC 100 list in the process.

Teddy has peaked the interest of many schools from both Canada and the United States. These schools range from Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Ohio, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Missouri.

“I love to play football because I enjoy the strategy and athleticism of the game as well as seeing teamwork in motion when all the different shades of individual player assignments mesh together to create a singular successful unit,” commented the Patriot.

In football Teddy’s icon is NFL linebacker Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers because he plays with phenomenal instinct and apex presence.

“He is relentless in striving to be faster, stronger and more athletic than his opponents,” added the Patriot.


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