Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Predator looking to lead

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is an elite three phase event that culminates in an all-star game in the spring of 2016.  For more information CLICK HERE.  The TRYOUT SERIES begins in October and goes until the middle of January 2016.


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Offensive Line. Kicker, Punter

5’5”, 175 lbs

Twin Cities Predators (OFC)


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Back in 2012, Dylan Bowyer started playing the sport with the Twin Cities Warhawks.

Two years later, in 2014, he switched to the Twin Cities Predators in the Ontario Football Conference (OFC), which is where he still plays.

The Predator also played in the MYNFC American Tournament two years in a row, and he won a championship there last year.

Moreover, Dylan was also on last year’s Ontario Prospect Challenge’s (OPC) Team West and helped the team win their game.

Running ball

This year, his goals for the OPC are, “to be a team leader and improve even more.”

“(Also) to stand out and get people to notice me/keep and eye on me,” added Dylan.

Someday, he hopes to play at the next level for NCAA Division 1’s Ohio State.

During the offseason, the Predators standout snowboards, attends training camps and pro camps run by Twin Cities.

Dylan’s idols on the field are Ray Lewis, Navvrow Bowman, Chris Borland, Tyler Varga and Ronnie Pfeffer.

“They all are very good and have worked very hard to make it to where they are,” said the offensive lineman, who is also a kicker and punter. “They are people I look up to and would like to be like/play like.”

The Predator loves the sport because it is a great sport that keeps you in shape, is fun to play and he has made lots of friends from it.

“(You) have great experiences travelling and it can help you build something with your life,” commented the Predators standout.

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