Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Zain Train’s on the hunt for prey

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is an elite three phase event that culminates in an all-star game in the spring of 2016.  For more information CLICK HERE.  The TRYOUT SERIES begins in October and goes until the middle of January 2016.


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Positions: Defensive End, Running Back
Height/Weight: 5’10, 150 lbs
Team: Twin Cities Predators (OFC)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: Waterloo, Toronto, Open
Class: 2019


Zain Spoenlein, also known as Zain Train, played in the Ontario Football League (OFL) with the Twin Cities Warhawks for five years.

More recently, he played running back and defensive end with the Twin Cities Predators in the Ontario Football Conference (OFC), being the youngest player n the team to become captain.

In the offseason, he does a big variety of footwork, exercises and stamina drills to stay fit.

He enjoys lifting weights to try to reach the height of his abilities.

“I also attend my school’s touch football team to keep me involved with football along with passing a football daily,” added Zain.

As part of the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC), his goals are to become a strong defensive end, be someone players can look up to and do the hitting, rather than be the one getting hit.

“I hope to become very successful with this experience,” commented Zain.

When it comes to influences in football he sees success as a result of a hard working team, which is why he looks up to the Seattle Seahawks.

“I love the team because they have a strong working, progressing defense and offense and know how to work as a team leading to back to back NFC championships,” said the Predators standout.

Also, Zain views Russell Wilson as a role model.

“He’s an amazing quarterback who knows how to play a game of football,” explained Zain, “Also he is a very great person who loves visiting Seattle hospital to visit sick kids.”

The Predators standout’s love for the sport comes from the sport allowing him to do what he likes best, being athletic, being an athlete, hitting and conditioning.

His favourite aspect is the fact that it is a contact sport.


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