OVFL GAME PREVIEW: JV Warriors, Ironmen set to clash at Ron Joyce Stadium

In junior varsity Week 7 action, one team will walk away with their first win of the season as the Mississauga Warriors travel to Hamilton to take on the Ironmen.

Week 6 for the Mississauga Warriors was disappointing for the team as they suffered another loss to the Cambridge Lions. However, it was the fact that with all the promising play the Warriors showed in the previous game and in the following practices, the team ended up taking a step back.

“Overall, there was a lack of discipline, we had more penalties, we didn’t get the push on the offensive line that we needed, and we didn’t adjust well,” notes the Warriors Head Coach Mike Parsons.

Although the end result for the Warriors in Week 6 was not they way they wanted, there were some positive aspects that took place in the second half of that game the team is hoping they can carry forward.

Although 2016 has been tough for the Warriors, the atmosphere within the team is still positive, as Parsons is glad to see that the group of players he has is still working and most importantly having fun. The coaching staff is monitoring how they interact with players and making sure that the environment is still a great place to be in.

“I think the mood is really good. I think they are learning and having fun. It may be difficult at times, but they need to focus on each repetition, each play, and we’ll be fine.”

While the Warriors are still win less, the team has put together better performances on the road this season than they have at home. Parsons has noticed that there is a different sense of unity when his team plays on the road mostly due to the team being together during road trips. This seems to work a little better for the Warriors, especially at the start of games.

With the Hamilton Ironmen also possessing a win less record, Parsons understands that both teams have much to play for in the Week 7 game. Both teams know this can be an opportunity for them to gain some sort of momentum as the regular draws closer to an end.

“They are in the same position as us. They want this win because no one wants to go with zero wins. I think they are going to give a full effort. So I expect it to be a real fight for both teams.”

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