Playing to Win: Wettges dominate in OVFL Prospects Game (VIDEO)

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon at McMaster Universities Ron Joyce Stadium, the OVFL hosted in 4th annual ‘Prospects All-Star Game’, pitting the leagues best young football players against each other. With an opportunity to travel to Quebec and play a team of the provinces best players on the line, the Wettges Conference dominated the football game and earned themselves a trip east with a 42-7 win over the Adams Conference.

After blocking an Adams Conference field goal attempt early in the first quarter, the Wettges division scored the games opening touchdown on a beautiful catch and run from receiver Dejuan Martin. From there the Wettges players never looked back, building up a 28-0 lead at the half.


Raishaun Provo  (CFC Top 100) started at quarterback for the Wettges team and threw the games opening touchdown to Martin. Despite an extremely strong performance from their squad, Provo and teammate Joshua Henry (CFC Top 100) who also had a touchdown catch both felt they had room for improvement.

“I feel like I made a few mistakes,” said Wettges quarterback Raishaun Provo. “Overall I had a good game but could have cleaned up on a few things.”

“I did okay,” Henry added. “A couple of dropped balls but other than that I did good.”

The Adam Conference squad was able to move the ball fairly consistency throughout the game but were stung repeatedly by interceptions and turnovers that allowed their opponents more opportunities to score and add another nail to the coffin.

Farhan Imtiaz, defensive back for the Wettges was extremely active throughout the game, leading the team defensively with three interceptions and was awarded the defensive player of the game award for his efforts; Gurjant Singh (CFC Top 100) earned the honor for the Adams Conference.


With a total of 58 yards and a touchdown for the game on his eight carries, Kyle Amburlsley was awarded offensive player of the game for Wettges while D’saun Greenaway (CFC Top 100) earned the title for Adams. Wettges player Travis Pinto was awarded his team Most Valuable Player award with his two touchdown catches while Angelo Delsordo was named for Adams. Delsordo scored the only Adams touchdown when he intercepted a pass that he returned 50 yards for the score.

The game serves as a medium for these talented young athletes to showcase their skills infront of friends, family and also a large collection of Canadian university scouts that are invited by OVFL president Marie Jackson.

“When you have the best [players] on both sides of the ball, you can really compare how talented these players really are,” said OVFL President Marie Jackson. “The scouts get to see the best from both sides of the ball.”


With the Wettges Conference earning the victory, they will now travel to Quebec in two weeks to play another all-star game against one of the provinces squads. While most Wettges players were unaware of what type of team the Quebec squad is like, they did not sound scared.

“I just found out today that we would be playing them,” Provo stated after the game. “We just got to go their and do what we did here today; just play, and finish.”

2013 Ontario Varsity Football League Prospects Game


Summary and Statistics – played at McMaster University 04/27/2013

Wettges Conference Prospects     42     vs.     Adams Conference Prospects     7

Wettges Conference Prospects go to face a Quebec squad on May 11th


Qtr.        Team     Time                      Play                                                                       Convert                         Running


1st        Wet     4:21     Dejuan Martin from Raishvan Povo, 23 yds.  Connor Ayre               W 7-0

1st        Wet     9:12     Trivel Pinto (CFC Top 100) from Dimitri Morand, 37 yds.     Connor Ayre               W 14-0

2nd        Wet     15:57   Kiel Ambursley, 3 yard run                            Connor Ayre               W 21-0

2nd        Wet     20:00   Josh Henry (CFC Top 100) from Dimitri Morand, 5 yds.       Connor Ayre               W 28-0

3rd        Wet     3:18     Tyler Munro, 56 yard run                                Connor Ayre               W 35-0

3rd        Ada     12:40   Angelo Delsordo, 50 yd. intercept return       Michael Tarbutt           W 35-7

4th        Wet     18:22   Trivel Pinto from Chase Peck, 21 yds.           Connor Ayre               W 42-7



Wettges                                               Adams


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  25-192                                                 24-83

Passing Yards                         196                                                      127

– Team Losses                         -15                                                       -13

Net Offence                            373                                                      197

First Downs                            15                                                        11

Return Yards                          82                                                        110

Fumbles-Lost                          4-1                                                       2-2

Interceptions by                      6                                                          2

Penalties-Yards                       6-55                                                     10-80



WETTGES                                                     ADAMS


Rushing (atts.-yds.)           Tyler Munro (Markham) 6-66, td                Brandan Gamble (Hamilton) 3-33

Kiel Ambursley (T. Thunder) 8-58, td        Jon McEachron (Mississauga) 8-24

Konner Burtenshaw (Kingston) 2-26          Jacob Misk (London) 2-8

Chase Peck (Kingston) 3-18                           Matt Skalos (Cambridge) 2-8

Raishavn Povo (Pickering) 3-9                      Dominik Valinic (Cambridge) 4-8

Dimitri Morand (Myers) 1-7                           Nate Hobbs (Mississauga) (CFC Top 100)  2-4

Daniel Ebron (Cumberland) 2-4                   Sebastin Soccio (Niagara) 3-0

Receiving (cat.-yds.)           Dejuan Martin (T Thunder) 3-86, td    Stone Sousa (Brampton) 3-58

Trivel Pinto (M Toronto) 4-69, 2 tds    Jeff Kelly (London) 3-36

Braeden Vavassori (Oshawa) 1-14         Kyle Regimbale (N Bay) 1-13)

Josh Henry (Pickering) 2-10, td           D’Saun Greenaway (Mississauga) 2-13

Jordan Duprey (Myers) 2-10                 Brad Vince (Cambridge) 1-7

Andrew Douglas (CFC Top 100)  (Markham) 1-7

Passing                                        Dimitri Morand (Myers) 7-12-2-1-131         Nate Hobbs (Mississauga) 6-21-0-3-97

(comp.-atts.-tds-int-yds)        Chase Peck (Kingston) 3-4-1-1-34              Matt Skalos (Cambridge) 4-9-0-3-30

Raishavn Povo (Pickering) 3-9-1-0-31



Kick Returns                            Trivel Pinto (M Toronto) 1-20             Dominik Valinic (Cambridge) 4-72

Mitchell Henselwood (Myers) 1-0       Jacob Misk (London) 1-11

Donovan Hayden (Etobicoke) 1-0


Punt Returns                            Trivel Pinto (M Toronto) 3-49             Angelo Delsordo (Hamilton) 4-27

Josh Henry (Pickering) 1-10

Dejuan Martin (T Thunder) 1-3


Interceptions                            Farhan Imtiaz (Kingston) 3-28             Angelo Delsordo (Hamilton) 1-50, td

(Int-ret yds)                              Chris Larsen (T Thunder) 1-55                        Evan Lechlitner (Sault) 1-2

Antoine Lyte Myers (T Thunder) 1-31

Abed Hamidi (Myers) 1-10


Tackles                                                Kyrique Fletcher (Myers) 3                  Angelo Desordo (Hamilton) 4

Chris Larsen (T Thunder) 3                 Connor Warnock (Niagara) 3

Abed Hamidi (Myers) 3


Defensive Player of Game       Farhan Imtiaz (Kingston)                     Gurjant Singh (Mississauga)


Offensive Player of Game        Kiel Ambursley (T Thunder)               D’Saun Greenaway (Mississauga)


M.V.P.                                     Trivel Pinto (M Toronto)                      Angelo Delsordon (Hamilton)



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