Q and A with Hanna McEwen from the Denver Gold Rush (WFLA)

Q and A with Hanna McEwen from the Denver Gold Rush (WFLA)



What position do you play? Running back

What teams have you played for? East Side Eagles (MGFA), Kildonan East Reivers (WHSFL), Winnipeg Wolfpack (WWCFL)

When did you start playing football? I started playing in 2013.

Why did you choose football? I was always a very dominant and aggressive player in sports growing up so when I heard about the opportunity to play I was very eager to give it a shot.

Do you have any pregame rituals/superstitions? Not really, but I do always have a good talk with my dad before each game.

What has been your biggest moment on the gridiron to date? (Besides signing with the WFLA) I cherish many football memories, but I would have to say my first touchdown. It was my first game and not going to lie I wasn’t doing the best. I was athletic and fast, but my nerve got the best of me. My coach pulled me aside and said “Hanna what’s going on out there. You know you don’t have to stop when the girls come near you right? It’s Football Run through her!!!” That next play I did just that and scored my first touchdown.

How did you feel the moment you signed to play in the WFLA? It was a very big moment for me and was definitely emotional. It’s a dream come true, but it’s been so surreal and I don’t think it will really hit me until I’m in Denver.

What are your goals while in the WFLA? I hope to make a name for myself in the WFLA and showcase women’s football to the best of my ability. To bring attention to not only women’s football, but also women’s sports and to move it forward in a groundbreaking way.

How do you think this league will impact young females? I think it will have a strong impact on young females. In this short amount of time I’ve already had girls reach out to me and have expressed their excitement for me and this new league.  To give them a new opportunity with the sport they love and also being able to have female role models in a professional sport that has always been dominated but males.

Do you have any favourite professional football players? Lamar Jackson.

Do you have any advice for young girls that may be thinking about playing tackle football? Don’t let the opinions of others ruin your chances to play an amazing sport. Football has so many extraordinary elements to it and really makes it a sport like no other. Don’t get discouraged and surround yourself with people who support you. If you are thinking about it I think just try it , don’t be intimidated and you might love it !

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