QB MacKinnon’s list of accomplishments is endless

Ashton MacKinnon


Quarterback, Punter, Defensive End


6’7, 235 lbs


Victoria Renegades, Mount Douglas Rams, University of Manitoba (CIS), Westshore Rebels (CJFL)



Official Visits:






Ashton MacKinnon started playing football at the youth level in Victoria from Grade 3 to Grade 7. In Grade 8, he played for the Victoria Renegades, winning the Provincial Championship. He spent his four years of high school playing for the Mount Douglas Rams in Victoria, winning the Provincial Championship in Grade 9, 11, and 12 (2011, 2013, 2014), and being honoured as a Western Conference All-Star at QB in 2013 and 2014, and Provincial All-Star in 2013.

Ashton then spent a season at the University of Manitoba as a redshirt in 2014/15. After that, he returned home and joined the Westshore Rebels for the 2015 CJFL season and returned this year for his second season.

Ashton MacKinnon 3

The highlight of last season for him was playing the Canadian game again, as he played American rules in high school.

Currently, there aren’t any schools that are recruiting him.

“Right now I’m not considering any schools,” Ashton says. “I plan on finishing my career in the CJFL first.”

Family has always been important to Ashton.

“The most influential people in my life would be my father and my grandmother,” he says.

He has a consistent training regimen that he follows.

“My training regimen this off-season consisted of lifting three days a week, and conditioning, speed and agility drills two days week,” Ashton says. “Mainly Olympic style lifts (bench, squat, clean, jerk, deadlifts) along with complimentary isolation exercises.”

Ashton MacKinnon 2

However, during the season Ashton doesn’t have as much time to commit to working out.

“Right now during the season with work and practices, I only get to do lifts once a week to maintain from the off-season, but I’m working on getting better on the field with my throwing mechanics, read progressions and footwork,” he says.

Ashton knows what he wants to take in school.

“For school, I plan on taking my carpentry apprenticeship throughout the next few years and working in my career as a carpenter,” Ashton says.

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