QB Ross’ versatility a secret weapon for success (VIDEO)

Gators standout open to CIS suitors.

Central Kings Gators quarterback Connor Ross is no stranger when it comes to achieving success on the field.

Connor Ross:

Quarterback, Fullback, Linebacker, Long snapper

6’1, 235 lbs

Central Kings Gators (high school: NSSAFFL)
Valley Bulldogs (Minor Football Association)


Official Visits:




Central Kings Gators quarterback Connor Ross is a difference maker wherever he lines up. A truly dynamic threat on the gridiron, Ross is an impact player at four positions that require vastly different skill sets.

Starting at quarterback and middle linebacker for the Gators who compete in the Nova Scotia Student Athletic Federation Football League (NSSAFFL), and as a fullback and long snapper for Team Nova Scotia, Ross is certainly no stranger to doing whatever needs to be done in order to achieve victory.

Ross began his career with the Valley Bulldogs before beginning his accolade filled high school career with the Gators, the team for which he serves as dual-threat quaterback, middle linebacker, and overall team leader.

“I started my football career playing for the Valley Bulldogs and now I play for the Central Kings Gators,” offered Ross. “I was a two-time Division 3 All-Star, I was the 2014 NSSAFFL Rookie of the Year and I was also was the 2015 Division MVP.”

Ross is a player of many versatile talents and skill sets and at 6’1 235 pounds the Gators standout has the size to bring a high level of physicality to whatever position he plays.

“FB and long snapper for team Nova Scotia and QB, MLB and long snapper for my high school team,” offered Ross when listing off all that he did on the football field.


Not just a multi-positional football talent, Ross is also a multi-sport athlete that keeps himself busy with athletic pursuits off of the gridiron.

“Along with football I also play basketball,” added Ross. “And I throw shot put and discus, I placed 3rd and 4th in the province in those 2 events.”

Ross is also a player who knows that the journey is in many ways just as meaningful as the destination, and that being a part of a team which grows together and develops chemistry over the course of a season is just as rewarding as the end result.

“The highlight of this past season for me was to see my team that had 22 rookies develop and grow as a team and get our team to our second consecutive division 3 championship game,” reflected the Gators standout. “Even though we did not win, it was just a good team to be a part of.”


Ross has close personal influences in his life who’s lessons have translated directly onto the field for the Gators quarterback, and who’s wisdom has played a major role in him accomplishing all that he has in the game of football. Possessing the tools for success in both life and football, Ross received valuable life lessons from his Grandparents, and football guidance from his father.

“The most influential people in my life are my grandparents because they taught me that hard work and dedication along with just doing your best is how you get by in sports and in life,” reflected Ross. “And in football it is my father because he has been my coach since I can remember and he was the man who got me into the game and showed me how to be the best player I can be.”

The Gators standout has already set his sights on what direction he wants his life to go in after his football playing days have finished. Just like the valuable life lessons of dedication and hard work that Ross learned from his grandparents, his career goals look to build upon those lessons and make a meaningful difference by working in the health care field helping children.

“My plan for the future is to go to school and become a nurse and later on specialize and become a pediatric nurse,” offered Ross.

As far as his current training regiment goes, Ross is working on strength and conditioning with the staff at Acadia Performance Training, while also looking to refine and continue to elevate his skills on the field.

“I train two days a week with Elliott Richardson at Acadia and I work out on my own the other days,” added Ross. “My plan to improve this next upcoming season is to train harder and improve in my football skills.”


The recruiting scene is currently wide open for Ross, as the versatile playmaker gets ready for his final season as the invaluable leader and two-way player for the Central Kings Gators.

“So far the recruitment process has been alright,” described Ross. “I have no plans to visit any universities in the next few months. I have no schools in consideration at the moment and I have had no official visits to any school.”

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