Rage Coach Fekete shows tremendous leadership with charitable cause

While the women of football continue to build a legacy as positive role models, such inspiration goes beyond the gridiron. Calgary Rage defensive backs coach Connie Fekete demonstrates that such drive can follow into the offseason, instilling hope for the less fortunate while setting a positive example.

A remarkable sporting humanitarian, Fekete has devoted just as much energy into charitable work as she does her love of the gridiron game. One of her greatest moments took place in 2013 when Calgary was decimated by a horrible series of floods. Fekete did more than just advise people on social media about school closures and which roads were unsafe to use, she even volunteered her time, assisting overwhelmed police and fire services.

This year, the charitable result for Fekete was a chance to emulate her son. Of note, her son had shaved his head a few years ago for an event at his elementary school, with the beneficiary being the Calgary Kids Cancer Care. Having helped her son raise funds for the cause, she was brought to tears by the stories of the young cancer survivors whose bravery in the face of such a predicament is inspiring.

At first, Fekete had vowed that unless she could reach a fundraising goal of $10,000, she would not shave her head or cut off her hair. In seeing the amount of support and encouragement that she received, Fekete was so inspired that she decided to do so as a show of gratitude.

For those who know Fekete, they can attest that one of her most distinguishing features is her remarkable long, dark hair. Letting it grow after the birth of her second child, ten years later, her courageous and noble decision to remove all of her hair off went a step further.

Displaying tremendous bravery, Fekete was seated in a barber’s chair in the middle of Southcentre Mall, one of 30 individuals on a stage getting their head shaved, while curious onlookers observed. As a side note, one individual had hair that measured approximately 50 cm in length, with the trimmed locks being donated to Calgary’s Kids Cancer Care Foundation.

Of note, Fekete’s trim had a celebrity flair to it, as two members from the Calgary Stampeders (a team that she has volunteered with) began the process by cutting her 13-inch long ponytails. With friends looking on for moral support, Fekete emerged from the barber’s chair clean shaven but with tremendous internal confidence and admirable valor. In the aftermath of such an emotional moment, Fekete went to social media to thank those who supported her, while using the hashtag #‎BaldIsBeautiful.

Considering that everyone knows at least one person, whether it be a friend or family member, who has been affected by cancer in their lifetime, any level of support makes a difference. For Fekete, the funds raised were reciprocated by an outpour of love and friendship shown to her in gratitude. The end result saw donors raise $25,000 for the cause while a group of courageous children affected by cancer saw their heroic spirits brightened.

For more information, please visit: http://www.kidscancercare.ab.ca/

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