RB Teon hoping to emerge as Jugglers’ leader (VIDEO)

Pair of CWUAA schools in early play for Jugglers standout.

Intensity and physicality keeps Notre Dame Jugglers running back Teon Alexander-Amour motivated to succeed.

Teon Alexander-Amour

5’7, 145 lbs

Running Back,Linebacker (Outside), Special Teams Kick/Punt Return)

Notre Dame Jugglers (high school: BCHSFA)


Official Visits:

British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Open


Before Teon Alexander-Amour found the game of football, he was playing soccer, baseball and basketball with no real interest in hitting the gridiron. However, Teon’s perspective about the game changed when he found himself getting carded and disqualified from soccer games for being too aggressive fairly regularly. Realizing that aggression can be used as a tool in football, Alexander-Amour decided to give the sport a try in 2012 for the Barnaby Lions’ junior bantam team.


After discovering a hidden passion for the game, Alexander-Amour prepared to play football again for the following year. Excited for the new season, Alexander-Amour had to endure the difficulty of overcoming obstacles as Alexander-Amour had suffered a shoulder and ankle injury early in the season. Fortunately for Teon, renowned coach Dino Geremia helped Teon with his road to recovery and prepare for high school football with Notre Dame.

“Following my recovery from injury, he provided me the training to increase my strength, speed, agility, and to get me ready for grade 8 to play at Notre Dame.”

Since beginning his training with the former Technical Director of Football BC, Alexander-Amour had continued training under Geremia’s tutelage to learn the necessary football skills to be successful.

Alexander-Amour had come a long way since his injury. However, the former offensive MVP knows that it takes more to win a football game that just one person. Despite the fact that the Jugglers finished the season with a 1-3 record, Alexander-Amour feels that with more team chemistry, this group of players can move on to accomplish great things together.

“It’s more about coming together as not only a team but a family. This past season, it felt we never came together as a team until our last game, where we showed what our team could really accomplish when we do come together.”

Placing value in strong relationships and family, Alexander-Amour is grateful for the presence of his older sister, Summer and his grandmother. Teon’s grandmother was the one who helped Teon find a football league to participate in when the Burnaby Football Lions club folded a year after initially joining the program. Aside from family, Alexander-Amour appreciates the dedication and support he has received from many of his football coaches who have guided the young player in his endeavors. Mike Carney and former CFL player Burtland Cummings had the ability to recognize Alexander-Amour’s raw talent and help cultivate that into a more polished player. As well, Game Ready Fitness trainers Will Loftus, JR Larose and Dino Germemia have provided Alexander-Amour with mentorship, football expertise, and support so the Jugglers’ running back can achieve his athletic goals.

Growing up in tough circumstances, Teon can appreciate the example Game Ready Fitness trainer and CFL player JR Larose provides to the young athletes that enter the training facility. In Larose, Alexander-Amour understands that with hard work and belief in the good in life, anything and everything are possible.

“As one of my coaches and mentors, Larose has overcome a rough start in his life. Overcoming a childhood loss, starting football at the age of 15, rising through the CJFL to make the CFL provides me with the belief that I can beat great odds as well.”

Alexander-Amour also carries a great deal of admiration for Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Jamaal Charles and former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch not only for their stellar play they have displayed throughout their careers but for what they have been able to overcome and how they continue to give back to their communities as well.

Alexander-Amour regularly takes the field contributing to his team in all three phases of the game. Mainly playing running back and linebacker, Alexander-Amour has learned that proper hydration, nutrition, and weight training will give him the necessary durability to succeed. Loving to run, Alexander-Amour thought to play running back was great for him because of the impact the position could have in a game. After learning the nuances of the position, the Notre Dame player has found other responsibilities and challenges that he enjoys in the position.

“As the last line of defense, you also have the responsibility of protecting the quarterback. Teon also likes making contact with defenders and making quick juke moves to make defenders miss tackles.

As an aggressive athlete, Teon has also found great satisfaction in manning the outside linebacker position. The intoxicating sound of making contact with an opponent is a thrill like none other to Alexander-Amour.

“Not only is it fun to go speed at a player, but it makes you feel like a complete beast as if you’re stalking prey along the line of scrimmage.”

Displaying an interest in law enforcement, becoming a police officer is a career path Alexander-Amour is interested in pursuing. This past fall, Teon received an athletic award for passing the region’s Police Officer Physical Abilities Test. Looking to make a positive difference in his community, Alexander-Amour is currently enrolled as a Vancouver Police Department Cadet. Another area of study Alexander-Amour is interested in is sports science and is also considering studying kinesiology in post-secondary.

Although still in grade 9, Alexander-Amour still has several years of high school football to grow and sharpen his skills. His strong play from the past season has already caught the eye of Simon Fraser University and the attention to his game only figures to increase as he becomes older and better. Conducting in some preliminary research for optimal universities, the Jugglers’ running back is intrigued by the prospect of attending the University of British Columbia or the University of Saskatchewan. Aside from a few minor conversations held with CIS coaches and researching of schools, the recruiting process so far has been very minimal at this point.

For the upcoming season, Teon is looking forward to getting back on the field with his fellow Jugglers, in particular, the new group of running backs that will be playing for Notre Dame. Teon relishes the opportunity to push the younger players to their limits and show the kids what Notre Dame football is all about. To prepare himself for the rigors of next season, Teon has been engaging in intense workouts three days a week to increase his size and weight.

Outside of football, Alexander-Amour is fully engaged with his track and field team and recently placed second in all his events. Teon also spends his team playing community rugby, doing background film work as a photo double or extra and remains an active member of the Vancouver Police Department cadet program year round.

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