RICHARDSON: Health or performance? What predicts success in football?

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The most important evaluation tool at the NFL combine isn’t anything that happens on the field or on the bench press. It happens behind the scenes and doesn’t involve any tests that you can really get ready for. The series of tests that have the best prediction for success in the NFL aren’t the bench, the 40, or the vert. They are a series of medical tests that uncover the injury history of an athlete and help doctors assign a medical score to each athlete that they provide to GM’s and scouts.

During this article I’ll talk to you about a recent research article that caught my attention. I’ll first outline what they found in terms of how predictive NFL combine tests are for success in the NFL. Second, I’ll outline the impact that a medical grade has on a player’s career. Finally, I’ll talk about what it should mean for you as an athlete that is trying to make it to the next level, or for a coach looking to develop their players the best way.

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