RICHARDSON: Improving your vertical jump

The vertical jump is one of the most popular tests at any combine, and is a number that an athlete carries with them wherever they go. Although not every position has to maximally jump in a game, the vertical jump is still a valuable measurement for Football players. It is a reliable way to measure an athlete’s lower body explosiveness. Lower body explosiveness is critical to every position on the field, whether it is a linemen exploding out of his stance, a linebacker exploding his hips through a tackle, a running back exploding after a cut, a DB or Receiver exploding into the air or out of a break, or even a Quarterback or Kicker explosively driving their hips to generate a harder throw or kick. Generally speaking, athletes with higher verticals move on to play at higher levels of football. The million-dollar question is: how do you improve your vertical jump? In this article, I’ll outline the five areas to focus on in order to improve your vertical jump.

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