The Best Canadians In The NFL Right Now

Canada may not have a football league such as the NFL, but one thing it does have is excellent football players. And many of these players have proven themselves good enough to make it in the NFL. This is very much the case today, with some Canadians starring in 2023/24, and here are the best of them. 

Jevon Holland 

Twenty-four-year-old Jevon Holland was born in British Columbia and was picked up by the Miami Dolphins from the Oregon Ducks in the 2021 NFL Draft. The safety already had a growing reputation in the sport, and he’s performing admirably in the 2023/24 NFL campaign, where the Dolphins are going great guns in the AFC East and are on course for success according to almost every Canadian sports betting site and their odds. Holland’s ability to make interceptions and pass breakups continue to come to the fore. 

Josh Palmer 

Ontario-born Josh Palmer is another Canadian who was picked up in the 2021 NFL Draft. Only this time, it was by the Los Angeles Chargers. There’s no doubting the twenty-four-year-old’s qualities, and that’s why he makes this list because he suffered a knee injury in Gameweek 8. After recovering from the injury, the wide receiver hit his stride once again, but unfortunately, the Chargers are struggling in the AFC West. 

Alaric Jackson 

Offensive tackle Alaric Jackson was born in Ontario, and the twenty-five-year-old happens to be the left tackle the Los Angeles Rams have been looking for. Previously, the Rams could call on Andrew Whitworth, but to give Jackson his dues, he’s been able to perform admirably, offering quarterback Matthew Stafford plenty of protection. It will be interesting to see if he continues as a left tackle or if he eventually gets an opportunity to play in his natural position. 

Chuba Hubbard 

Chuba Hubbard, who hails from Alberta, was picked up in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. The twenty-four-year-old, who was a fourth-round pick, and in the main he’s played a backup role throughout the entirety of his career. But, as time has passed, the running back is starting to rack up more appearances and is renowned for the split role played with Miles Sanders. Hubbard’s numbers continue to become more impressive, and it’s this improvement that sees him make the list of the top Canadians in the NFL right now. 

Matthew Bergeron 

Matthew Bergeron, a guard who stands at an impressive 6’5, was selected in the 2023 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons, which means he’s still very much a rookie. But the twenty-four-year-old Quebec-born star is already proving to be a good fit for his current employers. While other players who hail from Canada and make this list are more established in the NFL with their franchises, Bergeron has the potential to not only do the same but to eclipse what others have done potentially. In the 2023 NFL Draft, he was seen as the top run-blocking guard, which is something to note. 

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